5 Easy Ways to Create a Halloween Porch Kids Love

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My oldest is a teen and my middle kid–she’s turning 3…so I have a funky balancing act I have to do for Halloween. I need something fun, slightly creepy, but not so creepy as to make my toddler cry every time we walk up to the house in October. So, I  put on my thinking cap and came-up with these 5 Easy Ways to Create a Halloween Porch Kids Love.


5 Easy Ways to Create a Halloween Porch Kids Love

  1. Sticks. Yeah–just find some creepy sticks. I know this sounds weird, but sticks scream fall and, in the dark, sticks are really weird and grabby and–kind of fun.
  2. Marquee Lights. Literally, this is my favorite Halloween decoration of the year. SO. COOL. The color, the fun, the lights. Pretty awesome. And, without a doubt, a decoration I’ll be sad to put away in November.
  3. Creepy Lamp. I have this great salt-lick lamp thing (the box, once upon a time, said “himalayan salt lamp”) but it barely works anymore. So, it’s got this weird glow…spoooooky…
  4. Welcome Mat. And, this is fun–just switch-out your normal mat for one of these cookie-spooky-fun ones…and the kids will totally giggle.
  5. Creepy Doorbell. This is the thing that my kids find the COOLEST. And I have to admit, I probably would have if I were them, too. I mean, it’s an eyeball that opens.


Seriously, my daughter was so excited about the creepy doorbell that she cried anytime I tried to take it outside to mount it. As soon as October comes, though, I’m wrestling that thing out of her little fingers. Because it’s going to be so cute on the front door. Seriously, these 5 Easy Ways to Create a Halloween Porch Kids Love are so simple–and I will NOT be defeated by a toddler’s drama just so she can have a new toy. LOL!


Do you have any other ideas you can add to this quick list of 5 Easy Ways to Create a Halloween Porch Kids Love? If so, just drop me a comment below to share! I’d love to hear how you’re decorating for the Big H this year! LOL!


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