Prepared for Anything: An Easy Elf on the Shelf Kit

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This elf on the shelf kit will have me prepared to do all sorts of fun antics with my elf! Such a cute idea!

Basically, I’m kind of a nut when it comes to the Elf on the Shelf, mostly because I’ve never done it before. My son was much too old when he first came home to us, and our daughters are just now getting old enough to kind of play along. It’s a tradition I’d like to build with them, though and get my son involved in playing along with me, so we can all be having fun. To be honest, I want to be Prepared for Anything, so I put together An Easy Elf on the Shelf Kit that I think will get me through my 30 days of fun…

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Easy Elf on the Shelf Kit–How to be Prepared for Anything

Here’s a really quick rundown (what’s a rundown, anyway?!) of what I put in my Elf on the Shelf Kit (and where you can get some of this random stuff, too) (paid links).

  1. Felt sheets in a myriad of colors. I like to have a few just for using as props. You know I’m that way.
  2. Toothpicks. Because, you know, toothpicks. Who doesn’t need a few?
  3. Pom poms in white. These make great marshmallows, snowman poop and so many other things.
  4. Free printable masks. You can totally get them, too, here. I personally like the masks because it’s like the elf is hiding in plain sight. Heh.
  5. Pipe cleaners in every color. Conveniently, I already have one made into a devious little mustache.
  6. Sticky tack. This will help the masks stay on and also that devious little mustache.
  7. Sticks from outside. I know, but I love me some sticks. They can be used for lots of random things. Don’t ask–just follow along.
  8. Fake snow. Like pillow stuffing you’d get at the craft store, but you just need a little. You don’t want the whole house covered in it…
  9. A small chalkboard and chalk. This is for making cute little signs to spell-out what the elf is doing. My toddler certainly can’t read it yet, but, for older kids, this’ll be fun. And it allows my older son to do something to explain what he was setting the elf up to do.
  10. Velcro dots. Because I’d like that goofy elf to clap hands sometimes.
  11. Small magnets. I can stick a velcro dot on the back of a magnet and put that elf on any metal surface. GENIUS!

Want to know how to make your Elf more posable, but don’t want to have to go BUY anything? Check out this no-sew, cheap tutorial.

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