Magic Color Alphabet Discovery Bottle

easy diy colorful alphabet sensory bottle fea

We’re playing with the alphabet a lot lately. But I found that my pretty Alphabet Gel Mat didn’t travel super-well for the kids in the car…but when you make the same recipe for a bottle…ooooh! And, suddenly you have a Magic Color Alphabet Discovery Bottle. Best freaking idea ever. I don’t know why I didn’t make this … Read more

The Truth About Free Bleeding

why free bleeding is for me feature

I’m kind of–mmmm…upset (if that’s the right word) about this whole discussion regarding “free bleeding” that’s happening in the interwebs lately. We’re having the wrong conversation–sending the wrong message to our daughters (and sons). People, we’re missing the boat–and that makes me sad. There’s all the hype and then there’s The Truth About Free Bleeding. … Read more

18 Star Wars Treats and Eats

How to make star wars food for a star wars party feature

Star Wars will never get old for me (no matter how many re-imaginings come out in the form of sequels/prequels/and in-betweenies) and it’s a little bit of an obsession in our house, admittedly. We watch the movies regularly, and with Star Wars: The Force Awakens now out on DVD, I thought: what goes better with … Read more