Coconut Milk Whipped Cream Recipe – Vegan and Paleo

dairy-free whipped cream recipe f

I love desserts. Apple pie, cake, cookies, and pancakes (not a dessert, but who cares?!). The problem though: every one of them is better with a generous dollop of whipped cream–and I’m totally allergic to milk. Makes me just a tiny-bit sad. But, I am nothing if not resourceful, and maybe a little crazy. I … Read more

Breakfast Sushi for Lunch {making lunch fun for kids series}

mini breakfast sushi recipe for kid's lunches f

Its one of those treats that kids don’t seem to get enough of: breakfast for lunch. But I hate just doing pancakes all the time. I like to mix it up and do something heartier, with sausage, you know? Enter Breakfast Sushi. Add little syrup and, if I don’t eat them all before I pop … Read more