18 Ridiculously Easy DIY Newborn Photos I Wish I’d Taken

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I love these easy ideas for taking baby photos at home! I wish I'd done every one of them, too!

So, I was trolling around, bemoaning the fact that my little baby is growing-up and is ALMOST a toddler when I stumbled across these 18 Ridiculously Easy DIY Newborn Photos I Wish I’d Taken. So, I decided to break them down for you. They’re ridiculously easy, so there’s that…heh.

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DIY Newborn Photos I Wish I’d Taken–18 of Them

The key with almost all of these is to try to take the photos when baby is sleepy but maybe not all the way asleep–or all the way, if they’re a good sleeper. They just wiggle less when they’re falling asleep or just after. And change their diaper first. And feed them. Those are my DIY newborn photo tips for the un-initiated. Heh.

Just use the arrows at the top and bottom of the post to see all of the DIY Newborn photos of awesome!

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photos you should take with your newborn baby

This one is so easy. Just get a white background like a sheet or whatever, get mommy and daddy holding the hands–and mom or dad can even snap the photo without a tripod!

how to take photos of your newborn at home

Of all these DIY newborn photos, I LOVE this idea the most. I really feel like I should have totally done this one like 900 times. All it takes is getting your camera all zoomed-in on that baby’s lips. That’s all. Man, this is so easy.

how to take newborn pictures at home

This is so simple, I think I should go ahead and do it with my toddler when she’s taking a nap next–and my 1 year old (almost toddler–heh), too. All it takes is slipping that teddy bear under their arm and zooming-in tight to their little baby face.

how to take newborn photos at home

A little more complicated than the last few, but still super simple, this DIY newborn photo idea takes a pillow, a hand-me-down (or not) lacy thing and nekkid baby. You can even tuck a diaper under him to keep little leaks from happening. Just make sure the room is warm if they’re naked and get that diaper back on quickly. Heh.

funny at home photo ideas for a new baby

This is so ridiculously cute. Especially if you got a new puppy around the time that baby came home. Our dogs would totally do this for a treat…you can pretty much train a dog to do anything for a treat in our house. So, what it requires? A pillow, white blanket, santa hats, a puppy and a baby. Easy-peasy. LOL!

fun at home DIY newborn picture ideas

So, I could see doing this with any flower, but you can stick with the daisy, if you want. Just tuck baby into a white towel, pull those tootsies out and lace the flower through. Snap, snap, snap!

how to take baby photos at home

Zoom in close with baby on a pillow covered with a lacy thing. In this shot, baby can wear a diaper, but you should still keep the room warm so that baby doesn’t get cold.

easy picture ideas for the first day after you bring home baby

This one is self-explanatory, hopefully. Just zoom-in on baby toes.

easy DIY picture ideas baby's first day home

This is on a pillow with a lacy thing, then shot from above. You can get this shot in a diaper or out–either is so cute, my back teeth hurt.

easy at home newborn photo ideas

I love this one. So simple, but powerful. Just get a black poster board, lay baby on it with their hand stretched-out. Then mom and dad pop their hands over top and make a heart. I love that mom put her wedding rings on her right hand for this shot–very sweet.

easy DIY photo ideas for baby's first day home

This photo is easy to reproduce just by putting baby on a pile of folded towels, throwing a piece of generally-matching cheesecloth over their naked bum, tossing on some socks and shooting from above.

easy DIY photo idea for baby in NICU

This is the shot I really wish I’d gotten. Both my girls spent a lot of time in the NICU, but we were so preoccupied with the emergency of their situation, I didn’t really think about what photos I could take. Just set the camera into the incubator with them and snap from feet up. So easy, I feel a little dumb for not thinking of it.

easy baby picture ideas

You’ll need someone’s help for this one, but it’s actually REALLY easy (although it looks hard). You just get a black background, you can use a poster board for this even, then get a towel or sheet and have person #2 hold it up while they have the poster board leaning on their legs. You, the photographer, then positions baby very gently just so…then take your pictures!

easy ideas for newborn photos at home

I love the paci shot. Again, just zoom-in.

how to take baby pictures at home

For this one, you can use a lacy thing, pillow (or beanbag) and just start snapping photos while baby is about to fall asleep. You’re guaranteed to catch a yawn. I suggest you tuck a diaper under her and making sure the room is warm, oh, and get that diaper back on quickly.

cute idea for newborn photo at home

I think this one ROCKS. Throw a white poster board into the background, then lay baby on a pillow covered in a solid blanket. Mom and dad hold their hands out over baby and, if you have the camera on a tripod and timer, there’s no stopping the cuteness.

baby pictures you can take at home

Moms can get this one, easy. Just have daddy hold that baby up in front of a white poster board. Then turn it black-and-white when you’re getting it printed. That simple. Magic.

at home DIY baby photos

This last one is so crazy simple, too. I think I may have to do it with my nearly 1 year old just for kicks. Put baby on a solid blanket, then have mom and dad, standing at baby’s head, hold their hands like hearts over the baby’s tootsies. Using the tripod and timer, this shot is just so awesome.

So, there you have it! And if you liked these 18 Ridiculously Easy DIY Newborn Photos and you’re still preggers, be sure to check out these 17 Clever DIY Pregnancy Photos I Wish I’d Taken…they’re seriously cute.

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