15 Basic Camera Accessories for Beginners {that will make your photos ROCK}

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15 basic camera accessories for beginners/>

Are you falling more and more in love with your camera?  Well, I am and when you are in love…you like to buy that love presents, right?  So I have been getting some really awesome goodies for my camera (umm…me, LOL)!  I have found 15 basic camera accessories for beginners (that will make your photos rock).

My favorite camera is the Mirrorless Sony DLSR A6000.  Yes, that is a mouthful. HA!  It is just a great camera and it even works for novice photographers.  The fun part is all those awesome accessories.  I mean what girl doesn’t want to accessorize??

15 basic camera accessories for beginners

15 Basic Camera Accessories for Beginners

  1. Extra Batteries:  I get sidetracked easily with little ones running around.  I need to have extra batteries for my camera so I don’t miss any of their cuteness.  I couldn’t make it without extra batteries.  Essential for any camera owner.
  2. Battery Charger:  I freak out when I grab my camera to get the perfect shot and realize the battery is dead.  NO…you can’t recreate the perfect shot.  So I try to never let that happen.  I got a battery charger to keep my extra batteries charged and ready to rock at a moment’s notice.
  3. AC Adapter:  Sometimes I am doing blog work extensively and I am working near an outlet.  This AC adapter lets me just plug my camera in while I work.  It saves some battery life and keeps me powered up and strong.
  4. Memory Cards:  Memory cards can actually help maximize the performance of the camera.  This was a great investment for me and helps keep my camera running fast.
  5. SD Memory Card Case:  Have you seen the tiny SD memory cards?  Did I mention TINY?  I can lose these in a split second or my toddler can try to eat it.  🙂  I like to keep mine nice and secure in a memory card case.
  6. Memory Card Reader:  The memory card full of superb photos doesn’t do any good if you can’t read it? DUH.  So I love having a really fast memory card reader.15 basic camera accessories for beginners
  7. Camera Straps:  Multitasking can sometimes cause me to drop things.  I have almost dropped my camera when I was trying to do too much at once.  I finally realized I needed a good camera strap to keep my love safe.  You can’t be too careful with a baby…I mean camera!  🙂
  8. Camera Bag:  I take my camera all over the place.  Parks, play dates, vacations are just a few.  I want my camera to be safe and secure in the vehicle on the road. The camera bag is also where I store my camera at home so I always know where it is.
  9. Screen Protector:  If I was the only one who ever got my hands on my camera I may not need a screen protector.  Sometimes little hands are quick and they get my camera.  I have also been known to knock it around a little bit.  The screen protector keeps that LCD screen free from scratches.
  10. Mini Tripod:  A mini tripod is so versatile and I use it a lot at home.  It is really, really lightweight and easy to use.
  11. Travel Tripod:  I do love to shot outdoors especially when we travel.  Sometimes I want to use a nice tripod to take the strain off my back. This one fits the bill perfectly.
  12. Sensor Cleaning Tools:  Occasionally I need to clean my camera sensor.  I did my research and found out that canned air is a big no-no for sensor cleaning.  Instead I use the Giottos Rocket Blaster to clean my sensor.  It works great for getting that fine, almost invisible dust off the sensor.
  13. Microfiber Cleaning Cloths:  A microfiber cleaning cloth is perfect for cleaning the lense of my camera.  I want to use something that won’t leave microscopic scratches and these don’t.
  14. Replacement Eye Cup:  I am not sure why, but I have trouble with the eye cup popping off.  It just happens and I like to keep a backup in my camera bag in case I lose it completely.
  15. Wireless Remote:  Occasionally I will try my hand at shooting a family photo that I am actually in.  A wireless remote allows me to snap the shot while my camera is set up on the tripod and I am posing with my family!

15 basic camera accessories for beginners

These 15 basic camera accessories for beginners will be a great addition for any DSLR camera.  I am a little bias about my Mirrorless Sony DLSR A6000 but I am sure your camera is great too!  🙂  Tell me a little bit about your favorite camera.  Are you in LOVE too?  Don’t forget to PIN this post so you can refer to it every time you have some extra moolah to spend on your camera.

15 basic camera accessories for beginners


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