10 Tips for Amazing DIY Baby Cake Smash Photos

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I love these 10 tips for amazing DIY baby cake smash photos...I totally adore how easy she makes it seem!

So, as we approach little Donut’s first birthday, I have been breaking down some tasks activities that I feel like will be a lot of fun to do in celebration of her birthday. One of my favorite ideas (that I really wish I’d done with Jelly) is the cake smash. But I’m just too cheap to pay for photos that I know I can do at home…So, I narrowed-in on what it would take to do the cake smash in my living room and here’s the results: 10 Tips for Amazing DIY Baby Cake Smash Photos. I hope you can enjoy taking them as much as me…

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10 Tips for Amazing DIY Baby Cake Smash Photos

  1. Background. The key word here is neutral. You want everything else to pop, so you want the background to fade away. A clean, off-white, grey or beige sheet should do the trick.
  2. Floor. If you’r not lucky enough to have a neutral tile floor on which you can do this, go get a sheet of linoleum pantry liner…just something neutral that will keep your carpet clean.
  3. Lighting. Best thing is to do this near a nice, big, bright window. Not direct sunlight and not deep shadow…somewhere in between, with the indoor lights OFF.
  4. Color. Choose a color theme before you go any further. Something bright, light and fun…sad, deep and depressing is a no-no. Heh.
  5. Props. Keep it simple, since the point is the kid and the cake. So, a couple of tissue paper flowers, a balloon or two and you’re done. Do not go overboard.10 tips for amazing DIY baby cake smash photos at home fb
  6. Cake. Make a simple, fun cake. The one in my photos is just a small store-bought vanilla with lady fingers around the edge, then filled with pink buttercream. Then tied with a ribbon to give it a little added somethin’. But, if you’re planning on baking, go with a simple, easy cake like this Tea Party Cake.
  7. Clothes. Go with your color-theme. Don’t be afraid to be too flashy. This is when you put them in that ridiculous feathered petticoat skirt that Aunt Maud bought…
  8. Shots. Get down in the floor with baby. Stand over her. Look up at her from the floor. Do everything you can–and a few will come out awesome. Heh.
  9. Mess. Prepare yourself for huge messes–not all shoots are, but some…have paper towels handy for clean-up and maybe have a bath ready for baby.
  10. Post-Processing. Take your photos into a program like Photoshop or (free!) PicMonkey. Then play with EVERYTHING. You’ll get all sorts of sepia, black-and-white, and just awesome shots.

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So, what do you think? Will you be tackling some DIY Baby Cake Smash photos in your near future? Should I try it with my teen, too? Heh. Hit me up with a comment below, or wander over to Facebook and let me know!

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