Why is it Important to Snuggle Your Children?

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My life is a study in the effects of nurture on children. From the day I became a mom, I understood it was good to give a kid a cuddle, snuggle, hug, and squeeze. But what I didn’t understand was just how big that level of importance really is. How critical it is to their state of well-being. So, since I’ve got actual experience in what happens from both non-touch and cuddled-to-the-extreme kids, here’s my non-expert personal opinion on Why is it Important to Snuggle Your Children. Because the teddy bear knows…

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It’s not like it’s really a secret. I mean, the teddy bear knows, Snuggle® knows, babies even know. It’s like an in-our-genes kind of thing we get from being cavemen. It’s probably so intrinsically a part of us that most people have no reason to question it. But it’s at the forefront of the teddy bear’s mind. Oh, yes. Because the teddy bear is the master of all things cuddle–and can teach us all a thing or two.

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Why is it Important to Snuggle Your Children?

  • Calming. There are hormones released (oxytocin, I think) when you hold someone for longer than like 10 seconds. It’s the same hormones you get when you pet a dog. It’s the “love” hormone. And without it, you get a child that’s angry for no reason–snaps at people without provocation. Which can easily lead to an angrier adult.
  • Trust. By being there and holding baby, toddler, child, you’re being there for them. Teaching them that you’ll be there for them again and again. And again.  Without that reassurance, kids don’t figure out that they can trust. That they can rest assured that someone, anyone will be there for them when they need them.
  • Safety. Because, oddly, being held creates a feeling of safety. And maybe that’s part of that trust–and that calm. But it’s still something that kids don’t develop on their own. Without the snuggles, they feel adrift and always “on guard”. The life that they then lead is one of constant fear. Never having a safe place to make harbor.
  • Connection. Ultimately, I think all three of the above, for me, culminate in the idea that cuddling makes connections. It builds connections in the brain that HUG=GOOD. And that’s really important. The continuance of our whole species is kind of dependent on finding connection between partners and developing bonds between family members.

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Basically, snuggling your little one leads to lifelong ability to build love and attachment. So, without the hug, there is a breakdown in society and an eventual death of the human race (in my non-expert opinion). Makes the snuggle really important, now, doesn’t it.

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And the teddy bear, the one your kid drags around constantly (or the blanket or the doll), that teddy knows this, too. By being there, the bear is being a structural piece of our species–even though he’s not even animate and certainly not part of any species, much less our own. So, don’t take the teddy away.

Add to the bear instead. Do a little extra, like by choosing to use an awesome laundry softener and scent enhancers to make that teddy just an ooch more cuddly, like Snuggle® Ultra Blue Sparkle fabric conditioner and blue iris bliss® Snuggle Scent Boosters®. Because, when he’s fresher, for longer, softer to the touch, it shows your love a little more because you took that extra step to snuggle your children, even when you really can’t.

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Using a little goes a long way toward creating more Snuggle Moments, so be sure to follow the directions on the package and loosely pack clothing (and teddy bears) in the washer when you use Snuggle Scent Boosters to ensure all garments receive the best long-lasting scent boost they can get. I picked mine up at Sam’s Club for a really great price (because, like the scent, I want the scent boosters to last a while too, LOL!).

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And be sure to hit me up with a comment. I’d love to hear your thoughts on Why is it Important to Snuggle Your Children and the great teddy bear–and his part in our lives…LOL!

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