How to Make a Mini-Dunking Booth

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So, there was a boredom epidemic in our house this last week. Mostly because it was spring break for my son and the kiddos down the street went on a family vacation…while we did not. So, I was getting a little desperate, a little silly and came up with the idea for How to Make a Mini-Dunking Booth. Cool idea for a party–or just a bored 13-year old with OREO Cookies and some Coca-Cola Zero™ on hand. LOL!

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My son had a blast playing with this. It was like he’d won some awesome prize every time he hit the target and dropped the OREO cookies into the Coke Zero. And, it tied-in nicely with his latest love of basketball. He’s totally into the big tournament with the college basketball season winding-up lately and he’s all about “dunking”, so this was the perfect indoor activity for him (because I won’t let him play b-ball in the house, how sad…).

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So, this little mini-dunking booth was born. It was all inspired by the opportunity to win some great prizes from Coke Zero and OREO cookies for the big basketball tournament this month. Lots of dunking. Lots and lots of dunking. LOL!

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I hit up my local Albertsons for my OREO Cookies and Coke Zero. Honestly, when you can get your snacks and supplies for a mini-dunking booth while you’re also getting your potatoes and cheese for dinner (because that was the extent of my grocery shopping list that day, LOL!), you’re in the right place. LOL!

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How to Make a Mini-Dunking Booth

For those of you who love a good photo-tutorial action because you can work without written directions (unlike me)…

easy way to make a miniature dunking booth for a party

And for those of you who would love a good written direction…

  1. Cut 5 pieces of wood approximately the following sizes:
    1. 1×6 – 18-inches long
    2. 1×6 – 8 1/2-inches long
    3. 1×4 – 6-inches long
    4. 1×1 – 7-inches long
    5. 1×1 – 4-inches long
  2. Attach the 7-inch long 1×1 piece and the 8 1/2-inch long piece together to form a base.
  3. Attach the 18-inch long 1×6 piece to the base to create the backboard.
  4. Attach the 4-inch long 1×1 piece and the 6-inch long 1×4 piece to the backboard to be the ledge–make sure its at least 4 inches lower than the top of the backboard.
  5. Attach the hinge to the ledge.
  6. Hot glue your bowl to the hinge. You want the bowl to NOT balance on its own without a handful of OREO cookies in it–otherwise they won’t ever fall into your Coke Zero.
  7. Cut out a counterweight piece of cardboard and attach it to a 3-4 foot long length of light-weight dowel.
  8. Cut out a target from a piece of cardboard and paint it, if desired.
  9. Attach target to the opposite end of the dowel from the counterweight.
  10. Wedge dowel between backboard and bowl.
  11. Start throwing tiny basketballs, my friends, because you just made a mini-dunking booth! LOL!

Here’s our Mini-Dunking Booth is in action…

Isn’t that awesome?! He “dunked” with it for a half-hour with just the OREO Cookies dropping into the Coke Zero float, then started putting other things in the bowl. Best spring break boredom-buster ever. LOL!

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I totally want to hear how your Mini-Dunking Booth turns out! Leave me a comment below or hit me up with a photo on Facebook!

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