How to Make Middle School a Little Less Difficult

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For you moms (and dads) that are facing the prospect of your little kiddo heading into middle school next year (or for those of you who are currently slogging through the trenches with a kiddo in junior high), here’s my super-duper-so-non-expert opinion on How to Make Middle School a Little Less Difficult.

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As we’re winding down in our last semester of middle school for the boy, I’ve been marveling at the dramatic changes that have occurred in these last three, ridiculously brief years. And so very difficult years, too. These tips, they’re all that has gotten us through…and so, I really hope they work out of your kiddo, too. If they don’t though, you’re on your own. I’m not responsible for it if your kid get stuck in middle school forever. Heh.

How to Make Middle School a Little Less Difficult

  • Downtime. This is the one thing that I think kiddos need more than anything else. Middle school is stressful. All those state-standardized tests, the pressure of picking your classes in high school, and the craziness of those hormones starting to pick-up…they need downtime. My son’s favorite downtime-doings is playing on his Nintendo 3DS XL. He particularly likes the new Japanese video game craze Yo-kai Watch. We found it for $39.99 (suggested retail price) for the 2DS and 3DS online–though we’ve seen it everywhere else they sell Nintendo DS games, too.
  • Encouragement. They need a lot of support and help to get through all these changes. There’s just a ton of stuff going on. And they can lose perspective easily–they’re still children! (even if there’s like a hair or two on my kid’s upper lip). A “good job” for having a good day is really necessary some days. And others, maybe try a little pat on the back or a hug. If they’ll let you. to make middle school a little less difficult fb
  • Talk. Yes. That dreaded, awful word. They need to hear more than “how was your day?” They need to know that they can come to you when they get stressed. So, talk to them. Give them the opening. Do a family dinner where you shut off the electronics for a few minutes (the Nintendo DS will understand, I promise). There’s a moment in there where they’ll open-up, but to get there, you have to talk.
  • Responsibility. As much as they don’t want to say it out loud (again with that talking), they want responsibility. They want to be a grown-up. So, give them a little rope. Set-up a daily chore chart, let them earn privileges or rewards. Don’t wait until high school to start giving them the chance to grow. And let them know how much you appreciate them taking the responsibility–that’s important for letting them know they’re on the right path and you’re proud of them for growing up.

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Now, remember, if you’ve lost your keys or you’re running late–it’s not my fault. Maybe a Yo-kai is to blame. In the game, players find and make friends with mischievous Yo-kai to battle other Yo-kai…and get into some silly hijinks along the way. LOL!

Let me know if you have any other tips for how to make middle school a little less difficult to add to the list by dropping me a comment or finding me on Facebook! And don’t forget to visit Yo-kai Watch!

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