17 Clever DIY Pregnancy Photos I Wish I’d Taken

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I was totally showing my introvert during both of my pregnancies.

I was so afraid that someone might find out that I was pregnant (oh, the horror!) that I just didn’t tell anyone I knew and I most certainly didn’t take any photos.

17 clever pregnancy photo ideas for any new mom feature

Now that I know I won’t be having any more babies (vasectomy anyone?), I am so sad I didn’t get any bump pictures. Specifically, these are the 17 Clever DIY Pregnancy Photos I Wish I’d Taken.

Because being pregnant only happens for like FOREVER when you’re pregnant, but then it’s gone so quickly.

I love these photo ideas. I wish I'd taken every one of them!

Tips to Take Cute Pregnancy Photos

Pregnancy is such an exciting time! Capturing those special moments with photos is a great way to remember this time and share the news with friends and family.

Here are some tips for taking cute pregnancy photos:

  1. Get creative with your location. Shoot in a place that has meaning to you, or somewhere that represents your personality.
  2. Use props to personalize your photos. Include things like a favorite book, toy, or piece of jewelry.
  3. Incorporate your partner. They’re a big part of this journey too!
  4. Get playful! Have fun with your photos and let your personality shine through.

Just remember, this is a set of photos that you and your kiddo will really enjoy for many years to come, so don’t be afraid to take them (like I was).

No one is going to judge you at all for having fun while you enjoyed that precious time of life. LOL!

Now, let’s get on to those fun and easy DIY pregnant belly photos!

easy pregnancy photo ideas fb

17 Clever DIY Pregnancy Photos I Wish I’d Taken

To see all 17 of these excellent ideas and find out what you need to DIY your own, just scroll down and check them all out!

View from the top fin

What you need: A partner to stand on a chair and shoot over you. Simple and good.

ultrasound with bump photo idea fin

What you need: The ultrasound and a tripod or a person–something to hold a camera! LOL!

tally the weeks on the tummy fin

What you need: Washable marker and your pre-pregnancy jeans (trust me, it’ll look cute).

silly baby bump picture idea with earmuffs fin

What you need: Ear muffs that’ll stretch, gloves for mamma and a washable marker.

seedling baby bump picture idea fin

What you need: Washable markers and a tripod–don’t trust someone to hold the camera in the same spot every time, unless you have pretty good photoshop skills.

pumpkin belly fin

What you need: Mad skills with face paints. Mad. Skills. I suggest hiring someone who is a professional face painter. Heh.

henna tattoo baby bump picture idea fin

What you need: Someone who is incredibly good with the henna. Not me. Do not call me…it’ll look like a 4-year old took a whack at your belly with a paper towel of dirty water. I’m that bad.

funny baby loading pregnancy photo idea fin

What you need: Washable marker, and someone for that camera. And a really good sense of humor. LOL!

easy couples pregnancy photo idea fin

What you need: A tripod, a partner who is into this (mine would not have been) and both of you need a cute belly.

do not disturb baby belly photo ides fin

What you need: Ok, this is a little harder. You need to go to a hotel and ask them for a “Do Not Disturb” sign. Or you need to make one at home, but you know, I totally have your back on that…here’s a free printable version in pink, blue and green! Squee!

cute pregnancy photo idea with older child fin

What you need: A super cute older sibling, matching tutus (well, or jeans–whatever is your style), and two pretty bellies. Oh, and a tripod.

blocks baby bump photo idea fin

What you need: Some of those blocks you’ve already bought for baby. Yeah, you know the ones. And a tripod. Oh I’m getting tired of saying that…

beautiful idea for couples pregnancy photo shoot fin

What you need: Just a tripod and a partner willing to play a little fun. And some stripey pajama pants won’t hurt.

Baby Feet Bump Photo idea fin

What you need: Some face paint, someone to paint the feet on your belly and a tripod. Pop the face paint on the side of your friend’s hands, then let them place those feet. To do the toes, just have them put paint on their thumb and pointer finger. The rest will come intuitively.

baby bump with teddy bear photo idea fin

What you need: Tripod and a bear.

baby bump with baby shoes fin

What you need: Tripod and a pair of shoes…

adorable couples baby bump picture idea fin

(this is easily my favorite one)

What you need: Washable markers and a tripod.

That’s it. No more, or I’ll never stop!

In all seriousness, if you want to really step it up, you can document your pregnancy journey on a personalized calendar you can share, print it for your baby book – or use a calendar for the baby book! What a fun way to truly make your child’s life a celebration!

Take a sec and pin this to your favorite Pinterest board. That way you can get back to these clever ideas before you deliver!

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