20 Star Wars DIY Gift Ideas – Fun & Easy Craft

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Still can’t get over the Star Wars? You’re not alone! These 20 Star Wars DIY Gift Ideas will give you fun and useful items that you can make yourself that reeking Star Wars.

20 Star Wars DIY Gift Ideas

Star Wars fans enjoy anything that has something Star Wars on it. They all look cool! I’m sure even non-fans will like these things.

Star Wars is classic. These movies covered 2 or 3 generations I think. The very first film was shown in 1977. The first trilogy! Please, don’t ask or guess my age. LOL!

Then there were prequels. The 2nd trilogy. And then, there’s the sequel and the 3rd trilogy, already with my kids and they’re enjoying the movies, too! Of course, I let them see the earlier movies! I almost forgot! There are also a few stand-alone films like the Ewoks 1 and 2, Rogue, and Solo, should I also include the animated ‘The Clone Wars?’ A total of 14 movies within 42 years!

And, again, I warn you, don’t try guessing my age! Oh! Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. I only wanted that part to be a bit of a mystery to some people because it is no secret to a bunch of people already… Friends and relatives?

Star Wars Gift Ideas

Anyways, I wonder if there’s a 4th trilogy… Star Wars, the Next Generation… That sounds like a good title! I don’t think it sucks. Does it? Ok. I’ll stop!

But, I’m sure there are more to come! LOL!

I think I need some chocolates. I should have made these Star Wars Chocolates. They’re so yummy. You’ll love them!

Let’s go Back to these 20 Star Wars DIY Gift Ideas

I found these and I thought they are some great stuff. I can’t wait to share them with you. You’ll find them very easy to make.

  1. Let these accompany you when taking a bath. I found  DIY Death Star Bath Bomb from A Pumpkin and a Princess.
  1. This Star Wars Upcycled Toy Box from Addicted 2 DIY is a perfect organizer for your kid’s Star Wars toys and things.
  1.  Star Wars Stenciled Storage Box from Addicted 2 DIY can also be a really nice organizer, too.
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  1. I love how cute  this Mandalorian Baby Yoda Snow Globe from Artsy Craftsy Mama looks.
  1. These DIY Star Wars Shirts from Brooklyn Berry Designs are just perfect for my kids. 
  1. I like these DIY Star Wars Earrings from As The Bunny Hops. They looked great for my ears!
  1.  Star Wars Hand Warmers from Cherished Bliss are so perfect for the cold weather. Or bring them along when watching some Star Wars movie. It’s cold in theaters!
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  1. You won’t forget to check for any messages. This Millennium Falcon Message Board from Disney Tips is an eye catching message board.
  1. If you want to dream more Star Wars, sleep with these DIY Star Wars Pillows from Crafting Cheerfully.
  1. These Stars Wars R2D2 Pencil Holder from Crafts by Amanda are so cute on your table. Use this for crayons , pens or craft scissors, too.

More Fabulous Star Wars DIY Gift Ideas

  1. You’ll never miss your keys with this eye catching DIY LEGO Key Organizer from Creative Green Living.
  1.  A perfect pair of Darth Vader Shoes from Homemade Heather to wear with the Star Wars shirt, too.
Star Wars DIY Gift Ideas
  1.  This Kyber Crystal Necklace from Creative Green Living looks like a lucky charm. Maybe it is.
  1.  Star Wars Galaxy Obleek–There’s just so much fun in this little bowl and so much educational opportunity, too.
  1.  Other than Earth, you can also enjoy spinning this DIY Death Star Globe from Julie Measures.
  1. You will also love these DIY Star Wars Tees from Mad In Crafts. Really cute!
  1. Feel like yoda while asleep? Try this Baby Yoda Sleep Masks from Ruffles & Rain Boots, too
Star Wars DIY Gift Ideas
  1. These  Star Wars Inspired Catch-All Dishes from Disney Fanatic look adorable on your table or shelves catching your little things instead of letting them scatter around.
  1. Here’s something for your pretty little princess. Princess Leia Minnie Ears from Ruffles & Rain Boots is so adorable, isn’t it?
  1. Bring back and let the memoire stay. Have this DIY Leia and Hans Solo Frame from The Gingerbread House in your room.
20 Star Wars DIY Gift Ideas
These cool and easy 20 Star Wars DIY Gift Ideas are fun and useful items that you can make yourself that reeking Star Wars.

There you go! Which one do you like best? I like all of them myself!

You can Pin them first into your Easy DIY Star Wars Craft Pinterest Board to make it easy to get back to these crafts.

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