Galaxy Foods Roundup – 20 Appetizing and Colorful Recipes

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Are you fond of watching space, the universe, and galaxy movies like me? Indeed, there is always something in those colorful planets, shining stars, and space. That’s why I am also enjoying these Galaxy foods and I’m gonna give you these amazing recipes in this Galaxy Food Roundup.

Galaxy foods roundup

I’ve rounded up these awesome recipes and surely you are gonna love them as I do. They are so colorful and tasty. Your kids will surely love them, too.

They can be great as party foods, snacks, desserts, and breakfast, too. So let’s start our journey to the Galaxy!

Galaxy foods roundup

Galaxy Foods Roundup

I’m going to start with this lovely, deep into space with the swirling effect of Nerdy Mamma’s Galaxy Macarons. They look like the whole galaxy. I’m sure you’ll love them, too. For cookie lovers out there, here are your Galaxy Cookies by Sugar Spun Spun. You will be like looking at the starry nights with these delectable cookies.

Here is a really creative idea with the planets and all. These Galaxy Cupcakes by Life is Sweeter are complete with the planets around its solar system. And it also comes with free printables for the Matching-the-Solar System game. Great for parties! While this Galaxy Cake Pops by The Flying Couponer is a perfect match for parties, too.

If you are looking for drinks, check this Frugal Mom Eh!’s Galaxy Mocktail out. It’s a very refreshing, layered drink and perfect for adults and kids.

Wait up! Here’s another one and it’s so Galaxy and fruity too.

This Galaxy Candied Apple by I Save A2Z is such a candy on the outside with real apple on the inside. Just be careful about the candy making thing, because you need to boil the sweet coating first. 

Galaxy foods

Oh! and what about ice cream? Of course, we do have Ice cream in this Galaxy Food roundup, too. Go and check this Galaxy Ice cream – Out of this world Grape by Dream a Little Bigger. It’s yummy and very easy to make. You may opt for other fruits, too, instead of grapes. Not only that, but there is also this Galaxy Ice cream sandwich by A Bajillian Recipes, too.

From Ashlee Marie, she has these Galaxy Unicorn Crepes with Glitter Buttermilk Syrup and How to make a Galaxy Unicorn Cake – Decorating Video Tutorial.

Still didn’t get enough? Check this Galaxy Bark by Mom dot. You’ll love munching them. The same with Galaxy Popcorn by Raising Whasians.

Galaxy foods

More delightful Galaxy Foods here that you’ll adore. You can have your breakfast with Galaxy Monkey Bread Muffins by The First Year. Or these Galaxy donuts –  vegan, gluten-free, nut-free by Allergylicious.

This Guardians of the Galaxy inspired Galaxy Marshmallow Meteorites recipe by Not Quite Susie Homemaker is breathtaking. And so is this Out of this World Galaxy Sugar Cookies by Kids Activities.

Before ending this Galaxy Foods Roundup, you should also try this delectable Galaxy Cake Roll by The First Year. And finally, this DIY Galaxy Frosting by Baking Kneads to top your cakes, muffins, and even cookies. Lovely!

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