Zombie Play Dough Invitation to Play

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This zombie invitation to play is so silly. My son couldn't keep his hands off it. And my toddler Kept her busy for hours. Great kid's activity all around!

It was inevitable. Like really, really inevitable. I knew it was. Once I’d made the Pumpkin Patch Mud Pie Invitation to Play, I knew (KNEW) that the daughter would need more fun-with-play-dough (despite the fact that she still doesn’t talk really). So, I was in the kitchen within just a few hours making more dough–just to see what fabulous funness I could come up with for her (she had pneumonia, y’all–it was terrible). Whilst the making was occurring, I had an epiphany. A Zombie Play Dough Invitation to Play. OMWHOA. Zombies and play dough and so much fun I might explode. Not only that, but it was ridiculously easy. LOVE.

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Ingredients for Zombie Play Dough Invitation to Play

  1. White play dough (I used my easy glow in the dark play dough from a couple of weeks ago)
  2. Pink (like my watermelon) play dough
  3. Green (like my mint) play dough
  4. Heart cookie cutter
  5. Googley Eyes
  6. Big tray to put it all in.

Setting-Up Your Zombie Play Dough Invitation to Play

It’s really important to make sure your kids are having the most fun possible with their zombie play dough. Especially if they’re like 2 and don’t know what the heck they’re even playing with…hehe. So, you need to play with it a little first, before putting it (strategically) in your kitchen for them to find and start playing with. This is what you do:

  1. Make a brain using the pink and white play dough. Just kind of squash some together and make it all marbled-y and then form two ovals that you then mush together. Heh.
  2. Make a heart by mushing the pink play dough into the heart cookie cutter.
  3. Be even sillier and place some googley eyes on the green play dough.

Trust me, this will, magically, make the invitation to play that more interesting.

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Why “Invitation to Play”?

Let me start by explaining that I don’t feel that strongly about structured play for little kids. I have a very strong drive to let my kids learn through experiencing and making decisions on their own. Then, maybe it’ll spark a lovely fire of creativity in their bodies that will drive curiosity and learning to be a lifelong thing. So, there. Also, I’m pretty sure I didn’t have a lot of structured play when I was little and I turned out awesome, so it must work well. Now, I DO want them to experience some fun stuff (like zombie play dough). So I make it, leave it on the kitchen counter or table for them to find and BAM! We’re having fun. Sometimes, they catch me making it and their little hands are all in it before I can get finished. Other times, its a couple of hours before they find it. But they never ever miss it. And they always play for a while. So, this is a cool way to play. Try it. You’ll see. (even my 13 year old gets into it…LOL!)

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