5-Minute S’mores Baby Costume

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This funny DIY S'More Baby Costume is so cute. AND SO EASY! I love this. Cracks me up! And it only took like 5 minutes to make...

My oldest daughter was too little for the whole baby-costume thing (she was only a month old and she was a preemie, so that didn’t work out). And because we adopted my son when he was 7, we didn’t really get to do too many baby costumes with him (like none). So, it’s with many apologies to my littlest daughter that we are now presenting the CUTEST 5-Minute S’mores Baby Costume. I can’t wait for Halloween night and trick-or-treating with this nutball. She’s so adorable I just wanna eat her up–oh, right, I’m supposed to tell you about the ONE rule with this costume: Don’t Eat The Baby. Heh.

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What You Need to Make the S’mores Baby Costume

  • 2 pieces of rectangle-shaped cardboard shorter than baby and skinnier than baby (I used 2 flaps from a box of diapers)
  • 1 white onsie and white pants (pants are optional)
  • Dark brown cloth (1/4 yard will be far more than adequate)
  • 8 pieces of velcro
  • liquid stitch glue
  • Dark brown or black marker
  • Scissors

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Putting Together the S’mores Baby Costume

  1. Trim the cardboard pieces to be rectangles, if you didn’t just cut the flaps off a box of diapers.
  2. On the brown side of each piece of cardboard, draw a dotted line down the center, then 8 dots (4 on each half) to look like a graham cracker.
  3. Attach the prickly side of the velcro pieces to the non-brown side of the cardboard, using 4 pieces of velcro per piece of cardboard. I recommend putting the velcro generally near the corners, but not in the corners, if that makes sense…
  4. Cut the brown cloth into 2 pieces with wavy, random edges. Make sure that the pieces you are cutting are slightly larger than the rectangles of cardboard, that way you can see the “chocolate” under the “graham cracker”.
  5. Using the liquid stitch, glue one piece of the brown cloth you just cut to the back of the onsie, and one to the front of the onsie.
  6. Allow the liquid stitch to dry…meaning, it’s best to not put baby in that until it’s dry…probably don’t want the kid to be glued in the costume, just sayin’.
  7. Using the placement of the velcro on the cardboard as a guide, place the velcro on the brown cloth pieces, front and back.
  8. Put the baby in the onsie.
  9. Attach the pieces of cardboard/graham cracker…
  10. Eat! I mean, no, go trick-or-treat! Yeah, that’s what I meant…don’t eat the baby, right.

If that was too complex, I took pictures for you:

Easy baby costume you can make at home steps

One more adorable baby picture for the road, neh?

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Such a cute little nutball. Eep!

Thank you for sharing!

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