The Truth About Free Bleeding

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Ok. This mom's thoughts about free bleeding So. Funny. And true. So very true. LOL!

I’m kind of–mmmm…upset (if that’s the right word) about this whole discussion regarding “free bleeding” that’s happening in the interwebs lately. We’re having the wrong conversation–sending the wrong message to our daughters (and sons). People, we’re missing the boat–and that makes me sad. There’s all the hype and then there’s The Truth About Free Bleeding. Maybe, just maybe, all our kids will get the real message we should be talking about–before it’s too late.

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The Truth About Free Bleeding

  • It Does Not Make You Hip. Having a red crotch does not equal hip-ness. You’re just a mess. That’s all. Similar to how not taking baths does not make you hip. The yoga and cargo pants with your fancy “secret Starbucks menu” drinks, yes, but the red on you? It’s just red on you. And ewww.
  • No One Wants to See That Sh*t. Proverbially. I know it’s not really poo. I know what poo is and that is not poo. But it still comes out of you and, much like I don’t want to be spit on while we chat in the street, I do not want to have to dodge your red-mess on the subway seat. Frankly, I don’t want any bodily fluids out of your bodily and on my bodily. There. I said it.
  • Carrie Was Not Real. Seriously, no one threw tampons at anyone and then they all died in a flood of pig blood. If there was an incident with the tampon-throwing, it was the mom’s fault for not explaining it…and the teachers for not going over this in sex-ed class…Or the best friend for not speaking up before. Those embarrassing moments where there’s a mess don’t end in slaughter and death. Nope. Just a friend handing you a pad.
  • Just Keep It Clean, Y’all. For reals, there’s no reason to be makin’ a mess. There’s ways to keep it from being a big stamp you wear on your crotch screaming “I’m a mess this week, both physically (because I didn’t wear period panties or a pad or a tampon AND hormonally because my body is going through the end of it’s cycle!” Just use them. Wisely.

The real truth here, though, is that there’s been very few improvements in the way that we address periods for women in a REALLY long time. I guess there’s a “if it’s not broke” kind of mentality going on. But, really, I feel that the period panties, diva cup and other awesome improvements are just that–awesome. THAT’S what we need to be talking to our daughters (and sons, because they need to know) about. Improving their lives should be a priority–and they can invent cool things to make even crappy weeks better.

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We don’t have to wait and put up with crappy things during crappy weeks. We can make them better. Because we are able. Capable. And strong–even when cramps and general ickiness is upon us. Heh.

So, there it is, my friends, this is the Truth About Free Bleeding. Not so bad, huh? Let’s just make sure we’re communicating this to the young. Before this becomes the “thing to do” for high school girls and we have an epidemic of gross on our hands.

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Do you think I hit the nail on the head about Free Bleeding? Leave me a comment or find me over on Facebook. I’d really love to start a conversation about this. A meaningful one, full of debate–but about the real issues, not the fake-y ones, kay? LOL!

And, if you love this, but just don’t want to reach out (because, as an introvert myself, I TOTALLY get that), just pin this for me, yea? Share with your friends and then go on…like dropping the mic but only without all those eyes on you the whole time as you walk off stage. Heh.

Ok. This mom's thoughts about free bleeding So. Funny. And true. So very true. LOL!

And, feel free to buy some period panties. Because, seriously, free bleeding is not cool. That and I’m kind of thinking about buying some…not gonna try the diva cup…but I might try the panties…

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