5 Things My Baby Taught Me About Swimming

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We’ve been swimming a lot this summer. Like a lot. In our pool almost daily. So much so that it’s kind of become part of our routine that I’m not sure my toddlers are really going to want to give up when it gets chill this fall. To be honest, though, I might also be a little sad to see our pool-time go. In just the one month we’ve been out there, splashing and giggling, these are the 5 Things My Baby Taught Me About Swimming and I’d love to just keep the fun rolling forever…

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5 Things My Baby Taught Me About Swimming

  1. We Swim in Pairs. Seriously, mommy needs to be in the pool, or it’s no fun. Not only is it safer to be supervised by an adult (like kind of mandatory), but it’s WAY more fun when mommy is actually in the pool. Then, you can swim around and splash mommy. You know, just more fun.
  2. Sometimes It’s Fun to Go Under. Yeah, sure, you don’t mean to get your little baby-mouth and head all under the water–but if you come back up fast and your mommy is positively asking you if you’re ok, well, that’s not so bad. And you can laugh about it. And, after it happens once or twice, you start putting your face in and giggling a lot. It’s best, though to have your center of gravity low (like in the SwimWays Baby Spring Float) so you don’t go ALL the way under–you just dip your face in. Heh.
  3. Not All Swimming Pools Are Equal. Smaller is better for babies. Seriously. My baby seemed REALLY overwhelmed when we went to the “big kid’s pool”. But, when we hang out in the little kid’s area that’s smaller (and less crowded)…
  4. Playing Can Be As Simple As Just Cuddling. My little girl just loves to be in the pool together–to hold hands, sit in my lap, just be together. I always assumed swimming would be active splashing and tossing of toys. But, it’s not. There’s a lot of fun just doing nothing. So cool that we’re just happy to be together.
  5. Ending the Fun is Sad. But, when mommy promises to play again in the pool tomorrow…well, that gets the tears to stop.

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The biggest helper in our journey to learning all this fun stuff about swimming this summer is the SwimWays Baby Spring Float. It’s so perfect. It features a soft mesh seat and a fabric covering to keep baby comfortable, and a low center of gravity that allows those short kiddos to play with added security and stability.

You can find the SwimWays Baby Sling Float at Toys “R” Us online or in the store, next to all the other awesome SwimWays toys and gear. And be sure to check out their Swim Steps program–they have “little helpers” for every skill level swimmer.

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So, do you have your own 5 Things My Baby Taught Me About Swimming? Leave me a comment below or find me over on Facebook…I’d love to hear how your summer is going!

This mom. She's so fun. I love what she says her baby taught her when they were doing swimming lessons.

Thank you for sharing!

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