Dairy-Free Coffee Float

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So, I’ve been having a lot of trouble lately going to sleep. That’s caused quite a bit of a stir in my household, as Mamma NEEDS her sleep. Unfortunately, I have also found a new obsession. A brand new yummy to keep me up at night. And I’m thinking that I need to move my … Read more

Overloaded Dairy-Free Cotton Candy Milkshake {vegan & gluten-free}

overloaded dairy-free cotton candy milkshake feature

So, I had a pretty crappy week last week. I try not to talk about depressing things too often, but I feel like I should justify the making of this over-the-top milkshake for some reason. It’s not like it’s bad. As a matter of fact, the coconut milk is really good for you. So what … Read more

Kawaii Cookie Party & Coconut Flavoring Syrup

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Well, I’ve been building-up to this all week and I have to tell you, this is the most awesome, CUTEST party I think I’ve ever had the pleasure of throwing. I mean, my party-throwing skills are growing by leaps and bounds since my daughter’s sadly wimpy first and second birthday parties. But this Kawaii Cookie … Read more

Star Wars Rebel Alliance Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Float

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Do you ever wake-up in the morning just knowing it’s going to be a great day? I mean, you have to go to bed first, which is something I’ve been missing the last few nights since my babies have been trading-off with refusing to sleep. Parenthood = Awesome. But Friday…just like TOMORROW? That’s going to … Read more