Heart Macarons Recipe – Cute Valentine Macarons

It’s the month of loooove and everybody’s preparing to celebrate with a kiss and a sweetie. These Heart Macarons are all you need to make your way into your sweetheart’s heart. People are always in love… love family, friends, the better half, and soon-to-be better-half, and even pets (but don’t give them macarons, that’s not what I’m suggesting … Read more

One Bowl Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Just what the name says, One Bowl Chocolate Chip Cookies. Because you are going to make these classic cookies using just one bowl. Have you been using more than one bowl when making your cookies? Well, this recipe certainly doesn’t. That means fewer utensils to wash. It also means easier to make. These delicious One … Read more

Snowflake Macaron Cookies – Easy French Macaron Cookies

Easy Snowflakes Macaron Recipe

Delicious and easy Snowflake Macarons are so delightful and elegant you’ll enjoy making and eating them in equal measure! I am REALLY fond of French macaron cookies. No–that’s not the right phrase. I love macarons. That’s for real! These elegant Snowflake Macarons are such a beautiful blue color, and stand out from all the other … Read more

Snowman Macarons Recipe – Delicious Frosties

Snowman Macarons

These Snowman Macarons are so perfect for the Christmas season. They are very easy, make a great gift and taste ah-mazing! Personally, macarons are my favorite. Because I can do a lot of things with it such as themed designs. I’ve already made a lot of macarons but every time I make one, there’s a new … Read more

Santa Macarons Recipe

Easy Santa Macaron Recipe

Santa macarons recipe is ridiculously cute and makes the best neighbor gift or cookie for Santa… “So hang your stockings and say your prayers ’cause I’m cookin’ Santa Macarons tonight!” I’m sure you’re gonna love these macarons as much as I do. But who loves them the most? The kids or Santa? I can’t decide. These cute … Read more