25 Spooky Halloween Cookie Recipes

Rather than having a few boring orange-and-black cookies, I decided that, this Halloween, we’re having some really killer, creepy snacks for my kid’s halloween party. I’ll be making some of these awesome Spooky Halloween Cookie Recipes. Now if I could just decide which of these I’m hungry for–I mean, the kids might like…oh, who am I kidding? … Read more

Super-Fast Vampire Dentures Cookies

super-fast vampire dentures cookies feature

I was in a massive hurry (because I procrastinate ALL THE TIME until it bites me in the butt–heh) to get snacks ready for my son’s halloween party at school last year. I ended-up taking a plain set of cookies from the store, because, you know, I’m lame that way sometimes (I can’t always be … Read more

Jack o’Lantern Cake Pops {vegan} – And $1,000 Giveaway

easy vegan cake pops for halloween feature

First, the jack o’lanterns. No, they are not going to take over the town on Halloween to devour your children, but they might take over your kitchen and put smiles on the kid’s faces at their Halloween Party. These easy (vegan) Jack o’Lantern Cake Pops are so cute and, frankly, the kids can help decorate them, … Read more

Spider Surprise Cupcakes

Spider Surprise Cupcake Recipe feature

I’m going to be brutally honest here, I love doing things that are just a little off-kilter. A little odd. It makes life more fun that way. So, when making treats for the kiddo’s Halloween party, I tend to get a little odder than even my “normal”. I think this recipe for Spider Surprise Cupcakes might … Read more

Easy Witch Finger Breadsticks

easy witch finger breadstick recipe feature

No pizza (even if it’s a pizza with spiders on it) is complete without breadsticks. And, since my family has this awesome tradition of having pizza every Halloween, I decided that, this year, we’re going to do something special and our Spider Pizza is going to have Witch Finger Breadsticks to go with. Easier to … Read more