Amazing and Easy Pinto Beans

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When I was a kid, we ate pinto beans at probably 50% of our evening meals. We were poor. Beans were cheap, and they were filling. My mom could put a plate of beans together with a slice of homemade cornbread, and none of us were going to be hungry. As a young adult, I … Read more

20 Gorgeous Free Printable Adult Coloring Pages

20 adult colring pages you can download and print for free feature

  [tps_header] There’s a little bit of boredom sometimes in my life…ok, not really. Between washing dishes after the babies go to bed and helping the teen with his homework while I cook dinner–there’s no boredom. But (BUUUUUUT), I totally found my way into a “house is mostly clean, kids are at grandma’s and it’s NOT … Read more

23 Free Printable Insect & Animal Adult Coloring Pages

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  [tps_header] So, there’s obviously some kind of silliness happening in my life. I suddenly had a couple of hours of free time this week! Eeep! So, I, naturally, cleaned the house. Only, nope. I started to. Honestly. But then I saw my little coloring-pouch sitting on the counter and I was off coloring again…To … Read more