Rainbow Unicorn Poop Soap – Magical Colorful Soap

Rainbow Unicorn Poop Soap

Unicorn time again and everyone is excited! My girls’ eyes are twinkling while I bring out the things we’re going to use! When they saw the molds that I was holding, they chorused… Rainbow Unicorn Poop Soap! Yep! Those are my girls alright! They love anything Unicorn, even poops. But these are cute, colorful and kids … Read more


Orange Creamsicle Whipped Soap Milkshake

Whipped Soaps are becoming popular because of the great benefits that can give to your skin besides getting cleaned up. But these kinds of soaps are a bit expensive depends on its scent, and especially the brand. Fortunately, the ingredients for these whipped soaps are available in local markets. Making the Orange Creamsicle Whipped Soap “Milkshake” as a super … Read more

Butterbeer Whipped Soap Recipe – The Wizzard’s Soap

Butterbeer Whipped Soap

Expecto patronum! I just want to make sure that there are no Dementors lurking around because we are going to make some Butterbeer. Well, actually it’s not THE drink. This time, it’s going to be something we use in a bathroom. Accio Butterbeer Whipped Soap! Ooooh! How exciting! I tell you… his is no ordinary soap. This Butterbeer Whipped … Read more