5 Things to Clean Before Holiday Guests Arrive

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It’s the holidays which means it’s time for family and friends to come to your house and enjoy a fun holiday meal! Unfortunately, that also means we tend to go into panic mode trying to get the entire house clean top to bottom. By the time we’re done with that, we’re hardly in the holiday mood to entertain guests! Thankfully, you don’t need to make yourself crazy, you just have to hit these 5 things to clean before holiday guests arrive.


5 Things to Clean Before Holiday Guests Arrive

  • Bedding! The bedding is often overlooked, but it’s so nice to welcome your guests with fresh clean sheets! Even if you keep the bed made with no one using it, you want to give them another wash before your guests arrive.
  • Bathrooms! Everyone wants a nice clean fresh bathroom. From the shower to the toilet to the sink, make that bathroom shine!
  • Floors! When the floor is clean, the rest of the house just shines! Pull out the vacuum and mop and clean up the floor to welcome guests.


  • Tables! Tables can be a huge source of clutter. Take a few minutes to clean up the coffee table and the dining table and your house will instantly look cleaner.
  • Kitchen! At our house, holidays are always centered around the kitchen, and if my kitchen isn’t spotless before guests arrive it’s a big issue! Make sure all the dishes are clean and the counters are clear.



With these 5 things to clean before holiday guests arrive, you can rest easy knowing that no nosey mother-in-law is judging your housekeeping skills! Just take an afternoon and get these five simple tasks done and then relax while your guests arrive and you have a fun holiday with your friends and family!


Some of my favorite tools to help me speed-clean before guests arrive are my Libman cleaning supplies. They make cleaning easy and fun, and they’re a brand I can trust! They even had a Libman Clean-Up Crew at the Martha Stewart American Made Event. 


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