10 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained on Holiday Road Trips

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10 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained on Holiday Road Tips

Holiday road trips are inevitable, right?  There is always a relative to visit over the river and through the woods, LOL.  What is the WORST part of holiday road trips?  Yes..yes..yes…entertaining THE KIDS!  I am preparing myself now for our road trips and have come up with 10 ways to keep kids entertained on holiday road trips.

10 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained on Holiday Road Tips

Sing Christmas Carols

I love singing Christmas carols and it is best done in the car.  It cracks me up to hear some of the lyrics my kids sing…that are WRONG, LOL! We can pass a lot of time singing Christmas carols on holiday road trips.

Travel Binders

Each of my kids will have a travel binder.  It is basically like a Trapper Keeper (does that reference age me??).  We make one up for each child according to what they like to do.  One kid has color pages and crayons inside.  One kid has cross-word puzzles and pencils inside. You get the picture, right??  These are stuffed full of easy activities to do on the road.  They use the binder as a desktop and can write or color their paper on top of it.  It can also fit under their seat!  Easy, Peasy!


Yes, we are able to pass time on a holiday road trip with SNACKS!  I like to eat…my kids like to eat, lol.  I try to make sure I have some favorites for everyone and if someone starts whining…I stuff a snack in their mouth!

License Plate Checklist

I think it is fun to play a game where we see how many license plates we can spot from other states.  So as we drive along we all keep an eye out.  I will keep a list going of every state we see.  It is amazing how many we see on some holiday road trips.

Holiday Trivia

I found this awesome book called, Christmas Unwrapped.  It is a kid’s wonderland of holiday trivia.  Everything from what the most popular Christmas gift is to what traditional Christmas food in Greenland is called.  It is hilarious to hear my kids trying to figure out some of these trivia answers.

10 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained on Holiday Road Tips

Christmas Audio Books

An easy way for us to “read” Christmas books in the car is to LISTEN to the books!!  I either order a couple off of Amazon before we leave or go to the library and check some out.  We love to listen to some of the traditional stories like How the Grinch Stole Christmas and also some new ones like A Boy Called Christmas.  Even my little ones like to listen to audio books on our holiday road trips.

Technology Time

Depending on how long our holiday road trip will be…I can’t always keep the kids technology free the whole time.  We may need to whip out the tablets, phones, ipods, etc. to keep those kids quiet and entertained on the lest leg of the journey.  I try to download some fun Christmas games on their favorite tech toy before we leave to keep them in the spirit.

White Board Game

If I get desperate I will grab a small white board and a washable marker.  I will start a drawing and then pass the board to one of the kids.  They will add something to the drawing and pass it on.  I think you get the picture, LOL.  We try to figure out what in the world our family has drawn at the end!  We can do this over and over again.  The only problem is that sometimes the drawings are so funny I get to giggling. Let’s hope there is a bathroom along the way!!!

Movie Time

I may bring out the portable DVD player if things go downhill.  I know that putting in a hilarious holiday movie will suck my kids in quick.  If I can get them involved in watching a movie I know that we may be able to reach our destination with everyone’s sanity still intact.


I do plan some of our holiday road trips with sleepy children in mind.  We may leave REALLY early in the morning so they can sleep for the first few hours.  Or we may leave REALLY late in the evening so they will sleep for the last few hours of the trip.  Sleep is a great way to pass the time on a road trip, don’t ya think?  I sure am game to catch up  on a few zzzz’s while daddy drives.

These 10 ways to keep kids entertained on holiday road trips are easy for anyone to implement.  I don’t employ any special powers to keep my kids from killing each other on the road.  My main hack..is to plan ahead and have my arsenal ready when we pull out of the drive.

10 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained on Holiday Road Tips

I think you had better PIN these 10 ways to keep kids entertained on holiday road trips so you can refer to it the week before you leave. Where are ya going this year?

10 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained on Holiday Road Tips

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