25 Funny-Bunny Easter Yummies

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I don’t know what it is about Easter, but it’s like a holiday just asking for me to got a little crazy and be a little silly. Makes me want to do all sorts of goofy crafts or make some of these 25 Funny-Bunny Easter Yummies. Come-on, you know you wanna…

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25 Funny-Bunny Easter Yummies

  1. I’m totally planning to take a dip with these Swimming Peeps Chicks!
  2. Egg Popsicles are an awesome way to cool-down after a hot egg hunt.
  3. Start the E-day right with a batch of Chicky Breakfast Sandwiches.
  4. There’s nothing like Bird’s Nest Brownie Bites to finish-ff breakfast totally wrong. LOL!
  5. An awesome activity, this Minecraft Creeper Egg Dying idea is perfect for teen, tweens and littlies, too.
  6. Rice Krispie Carrots are a treat every-bunny can get into.
  7. Keep your tail feathers shaking with a big batch of Ducky Tail Cupcakes!
  8. This Minion Egg Decorating will make any little Despicable thrilled.
  9. Nobody saw me make a batch of Fudgey Bunny Tails. And so I ate them all.
  10. Extravaganza Bark is so pretty, I almost hate to eat it. Almost.
  11. I love these Colored Deviled Eggs. So. Awesome. That is all.
  12. This Reeces Cup Bunny Butt Treat is so easy, there’s nothing finer.
  13. I want to make this Speckled Egg Cake SOOOO BAD!!!
  14. No way I get through Easter without making these adorable Bunny Bottoms-up Cakes.
  15. Super-Easy Lamb Cake is so cute, it may not make it to the table. Silly Easter Treats and Snacks
  16. Kids really dig this Kool-Aid Egg Dying idea!
  17. I want these Flower Pretzel Bites NOW.
  18. Pretty Bunny Pancakes make for a pretty yummy breakfast.
  19. Allergy-friendly, these Dyed Marshmallows are fun to make and fun to eat.
  20. I can’t stop laughing about these Hatching Hard Boiled Eggs.
  21. Marshmallow Bark is cute, easy and, oh, I ate it all, so it’s all-gone, too.
  22. I think a fun Sharpie Egg Painting event could be fun Easter morning!
  23. Jello and Vanilla Creme “Deviled” Eggs are perfect for people who just don’t like real eggs (me).
  24. Run out of Peeps? NEVER! Mock Peeps
  25. Bunny Race Cars can just go ahead and race themselves to the finish line in my tummy.

And, because I can’t stop finding silly ideas for Easter, here’s 5 more:

  1. Clever and cute, these Carrot Cupcakes are fun to boot!
  2. Glitter Egg Decorating is one of the coolest ways to decor-an-egor (what?).
  3. Hahaha! Chick Deviled Eggs
  4. Edible, pretty and all mine, I love these Jelly Bean Bracelets.
  5. Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs? Yes, I believe I will.

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