11 Free Printable Adult Coloring Pages

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I dug around and found these 11 Free Printable Adult Coloring Pages. I had to set up the printer, of course, but it was totally worth it.

I was feeling kind of bored the other afternoon.

My mom had taken the girls for an evening, so I had no babies to play with.

And my husband was working late.

So it was like the first time I had been alone in–well, like 2 years. And I was bored. BORED?! I guess I could have done the dishes again (yeh, I’d already done them 2 times that day, so nope) or run another load of laundry or even hit the Netflix addiction, but I just wanted a few minutes of quiet.

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These 11 Free Printable Coloring Pages are so much fun for an afternoon or a whole week of coloring!

And I think this Friday, I might be able to convince everyone to be gone away again…ah, free time, where art thou…oh, yeah, you’re hitting-up this list of 20 Essentials for the Best Coloring Experience…stupid free time…

Oh, and I just released a brand new coloring book, 100+ Ridiculously Fun Time-Killing Coloring Pages. (I told y’all, I’m obsessed!) You can check it out here!

100+ Ridiculously Fun Time-Killing Coloring Pages!

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11 Free Printable Adult Coloring Pages

To get the coloring pages, just scroll through and download the ones you want!

I really hope you enjoy these as much as I did.

Very cathartic, even if it did feel a little silly. But silly can be fun. So, you know…do eeeet.

And do not forget to pin this bad boy–it’s totally something you need to do right this second, y’all.

I love these free printable adult coloring pages. a page for every level of coloring skill. Love it!

And, if this is just not going to satisfy your strange (yet wonderful) coloring addiction, rush over to check out this awesome set of 25 Super-Fun Adult Coloring Books for under $15 or this set of 96 Ridiculously Awesome Adult Coloring Books Under $10.

You will not be disappointed–they’re every bit as nerdy as I can get…heh.

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final unicorn coloring page pic

This cute unicorn coloring page is just so everything. Get the free downloadable Unicorn JPG here or the Unicorn PDF here.

final seahorse coloring page pic

I love this cute seahorse adult coloring page. No way will I be able to stop once I start…Get the free downloadable Seahorse JPG here or the Seahorse PDF here.

final pig coloring page pic

Nothing beats a cute piggie in a teacup. Nothing. Get the free downloadable Piggie In a Teacup JPG here or the Piggie In a Teacup PDF here.

final peacock coloring page pic

There’s just something graceful and beautiful about a peacock that hits my creative bones. Get the free downloadable Beautiful Peacock JPG here or the Beautiful Peacock PDF here.

final peacock coloring page 2 pic

Ah, yes, I really love a good peacock. Get the free downloadable Good Peacock JPG here or the Good Peacock PDF here.

final little flowers coloring page pic

Humming birds are cool, too, but much tinnier. Hehe. Get the free downloadable Hummingbird JPG here or the Hummingbird PDF here.

final floral coloring page pic

These random patterns really appealed to me. Get the free downloadable Random Patterns JPG here or the Random Patterns PDF here.

final flower coloring page pic

Flowers, flowers everywhere and not a cake to bake. Thank goodness, because I really want to color this…Get the free downloadable Flowers Everywhere JPG here or the Flowers Everywhere PDF here.

final elephant coloring page pic

My fave animal? Yup. Get the free downloadable Fave Animal JPG here or the Fave Animal PDF here.

final dragon coloring page pic

I thought the wavy body of this dragon was just so–fun. Get the free downloadable Wavy Body Dragon JPG here or the Wavy Body Dragon PDF here.

final printed pattern coloring page pic

The intricate pattern on this guy seemed kind of intimidating to me at first, but once I got on a roll, it was just so beautiful. Get the free downloadable Intricate Pattern JPG here or the Intricate Pattern PDF here.

If you liked these, be sure to head on over and see my 10 Free Printable HOLIDAY Adult Coloring Pages. You won’t be disappointed!

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Yield: 1 Adult Coloring Page

How to Color an Adult Coloring Page

Active Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $1

Absolutely one of the most relaxing activities you can undertake. No mistakes, no take-backs, learning how to color an adult coloring page is EPIC.


  • Any one of the links listed above


  • Coloring Pencils or Markers or Water Color Pens


  1. Find a flat surface to color on.
  2. Place your coloring page on the flat surface.
  3. Pick your favorite color for the selected page.
  4. Starting in the center or in a corner, color one section. If satisfied, move on.
  5. Color similar shaped areas with the same color.
  6. When all the similarly shaped areas are filled-in, switch to a second, complimentary color.
  7. Repeat until the entire subject of the coloring page is completely filled in.
  8. Enjoy hanging your artwork.

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