Thanksgiving Traditions to Start with Toddlers

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OMG, you NEED to check out these adorable Thanksgiving traditions to start with your toddlers!

Holiday traditions…yeah, yeah…are they another thing I have to add to my giant to-do list?  Yes..BUT I think traditions are worth the effort. I know my kids will look back and give me a HIGH FIVE for the work I put in.  Here are some Thanksgiving traditions to start with toddlers.  I mean toddler-hood is the best time to get your kids on track, right?

Thanksgiving traditions to start with toddlers

We are Thankful Lists

It is never too early to get my kids thinking about what they are thankful for!  Toddlers can definitely begin to focus on the blessings in their lives.  I love doing a different Thankful List each year with my kiddos starting when they are toddlers.  We may make a Thankful Garland….a Thankful Tree…or just do a simple list.  Each year I want my kids to take some time and think about what they have to be thankful for.

Cooking Together

I know that cooking with kids can be trying, especially toddlers.  It is a great age to start teaching them some basics in the kitchen.  My toddlers are always SO excited to help me with ANYTHING (sure wish this lasted, LOL).  I like to start getting them in the kitchen around Thanksgiving and they help me with simple cooking tasks.  They can add some sprinkles to the cupcakes…powdered sugar to some sweet bread.  These are simple ways we can spend time together during Thanksgiving!  Cooking together around Thanksgiving is a great tradition to start with toddlers.

OMG, you NEED to check out these adorable Thanksgiving traditions to start with your toddlers!

Help Others

Who doesn’t want to raise children who have care and empathy for other people?  I really believe it is important to start EARLY in showing kids how to help others. November is a great month to do this because of Thanksgiving.  I have my toddlers help me bag food up to donate to our local food bank.  Sometimes we will go help rake leaves for our elderly neighbor.  Sure..they play more then they rake, but they are still learning about GIVING back!

Read About Thanksgiving Together

Reading with my children is a given year-round.  I like to read special books in November that focus on Thanksgiving, moral character and of course turkeys, LOL.  I have found some awesome books that are perfect for toddlers that fall into these categories.  We have a Thanksgiving Book Basket we pull out and start reading through this month.  Here are some of my favorites!

Turkey Crafts

What is more fun then spending some time around Thanksgiving making TURKEY CRAFTS?  I usually fly by the seat of my pants when it comes to these crafts too.  I look and see what I have laying around that we can make into a turkey.  It can be pretty funny.  One year we did Build Your Own Turkey Invitation To Play…it was crazy, but FUN!   Sometimes we make a turkey out of our hand prints…we may use a pine cone.  The ideas are endless for turkey making togetherness.  It is just a Thanksgiving tradition I do with my toddlers and we keep right on making turkeys every year!!

These Thanksgiving traditions to start with toddlers don’t have to stress a mamma out.  They are meant to be fun and give kids lasting memories of a loving filled turkey month.  Keep in mind that it doesn’t take a lot to please toddlers.  They are so sweet and easy to make happy especially when they are with mamma.

OMG, you NEED to check out these adorable Thanksgiving traditions to start with your toddlers!

What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition? Be sure to PIN these Thanksgiving traditions to start with your toddler while you come up with the PERFECT turkey craft for you and your little blessing to make.

OMG, you NEED to check out these adorable Thanksgiving traditions to start with your toddlers!

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