Build Your Own Turkey Invitation to Play

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This Thanksgiving Turkey Themed Invitation to Play is such a cute idea. I think I'll have to do this for the kids to occupy them while the turkey is cooking! LOL!

Sometimes, I just feel like I’m goofy all the time. I know it’s somewhere in me not to be silly every day. I know I can keep a straight face for more than an hour, but then I remember that I couldn’t even do that in an office setting, so why should I bother when I’m a SAHM and can play with kiddos (specifically my own) all day long?!

Right. No reason at all.

One of my favorite ways to play to is to just set up an invite for the kiddo and let her run. She can pull me over to play, too, if she wants, but she doesn’t have to.

Or, I can come on my own and kind of invite myself, but, again, I don’t have to. It’s so flexible, but also lets her do some things that are kind of out of the ordinary for her.

Like this Build Your Own Turkey Invitation to Play!

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Normally, there wouldn’t be feathers and a pumpkin and play dough just laying around ready to be played with. No, we don’t just leave those things laying on the carpet like a wooden block. They’re kind of special. And she can imagine anything–or not. So. Freakin’. Flexible. Love it.

Ingredients for the Build Your Own Turkey Invitation to Play

  • Brown play dough (I used my Hot Chocolate Play Dough recipe)
  • Yellow play dough (I used my handy Lemon Play Dough recipe)
  • Flesh-Colored play dough (ok, so here, I had to improvise so I made a Flesh-Colored Play Dough recipe)
  • Feathers in red, yellow, orange, brown and black
  • Sticks
  • A pumpkin (if you have one leftover
  • A couple of antsy kids

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I just set mine up and let the toddler go wild (get it, “wild” as in “wild turkey”–bad joke, sorry).

If she plays with it all day, I don’t mind.

As a matter of fact, I sometimes make one play invitation a week, then put it on the counter throughout the week while I’m cooking.

This gives my little girl a fun thing to do on the counter to keep her out of my way while I assemble lunch or dinner.

Then, when it’s necessary, like with the play dough, I pop it in the fridge when I’m not cooking so she isn’t getting bored with it in-between-times.

This might be a good one to put out on Thanksgiving day to keep the littles from being restless…

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OMG Y'all. This is the CUTEST Thanksgiving invitation to play I've EVER seen! Let your kiddos build their OWN turkey, while you cook your turkey!! #invitationtoplay #Thanksgiving #kidsactivities #turkey

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