Hot Cocoa Macarons Recipe – with Caramel Bits

If you like chocolate and macarons, then these chocolate-rich Hot Cocoa Macarons are something you will LOVE. Sweet, decadent and epically scrumptious. Not all hot cocoa is meant to be a warm chocolatey drink. I love a good cup, but to enjoy cocoa as macarons?! Then add-in some caramel bits?! Heavenly! You know I love macarons. Each … Read more

Galaxy Macarons

There’s nothing more fun than playing with your food. And these Galaxy Macarons are totally an experiment I enjoyed playing at. So, I am not a very “play with your food” kind of gal–AHA! That is a blatant LIE. I love to play with my food. A lot. So much so that I sometimes make … Read more