Dear Grandma, This is What You Should Really Be Buying the Kids for Christmas

Dear Grandma This is What You Should Really Be Buying the Kids For Christmas

Am I sounding totally rude and heartless with the title of this post?  I know…it sounds bad, but admit it..most moms have thought this very thing before!  Kids don’t want a knitted sweater anymore.  I want to help grandma out a little bit, so here goes!  Dear Grandma, this is what you should really be … Read more

Helping Kids Make Healthy Eating Choices During the Holidays

It is that time of year.  The time for candy, cookies, hot cocoa, egg nog and more sugar then we can measure.  It is hard enough for adults to keep a handle on their eating during the holidays let alone the poor children!  Helping kids make healthy eating choices during the holidays is really important. … Read more

Why Teaching Your Kids to Give is Easy During the Holidays

I would venture to say that EVERY parent wants to raise empathetic and giving children.  The problem is that children are not BORN empathetic and giving.  They are actually born kind of self-centered (or is it just mine, lol).  I actually have to do a little thing called “parenting” to instill these values in my … Read more