Butterbeer Hot Cocoa Bombs Recipe + VIDEO

Butterbeer hot cocoa bombs

Everything about this Butterbeer Hot Cocoa Bomb Recipe is perfection. The buttery marshmallows, the butterscotch shell. It’s so awesome, the Leaky Cauldron is serving them. LOL! What is a Hot Chocolate Bomb? For any muggle that hasn’t heard yet, hot chocolate bombs (their wizarding name is ‘hot cocoa bombs’) are a chocolate (or butterscotch, in … Read more

Harry Potter Hot Cocoa Shots

These magically awesome hot cocoa bombs are fun to make. You’ll never find them in Diagon Alley, by the way. So guys! Wave those magic wands and get them working. Accio Harry Potter Hot Cocoa Shots!  That’s right! They are hot cocoa bombs. In “shot glasses.” See, I told you. It’s gonna be fun making them. … Read more

Harry Potter Hot Cocoa Bombs

Harry Potter Hot Cocoa Bombs Recipe

Accio some Harry Potter Hot Cocoa Bombs into your mug and grab some milk because this is the easiest, most fun Harry Potter recipe! There’s nothing I love more than Harry Potter. And now, hot cocoa bombs. They’re just about the most fabulous gift idea, a tasty treat on a chilly day and frankly, they’re … Read more