Six Simple Phrases to Encourage Girls to Love Science & Math

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My daughters are geniuses. I know, every mom says that about their kids, but I’m telling you the truth. My girls are going to be a doctor and a scientist, so yes, I’m already saving for their college years! While they do have a natural affinity for science and math, I want to make sure I’m doing my part to encourage them, so I came up with these six simple phrases to encourage girls to love science & math!

Encouraging Girls to Love Science & Math with Six Simple Phrases

These tips are AMAZING for encouraging our girl's love for science and math!

#1. Girls can be whatever they want to be!

In a society where everyone things science and math is reserved for boys; girls need reminded of this. Remind your girl often that it’s okay to love science and that she can be whatever she wants to be.

#2. Science and math are so cool!

Not everyone loves science and math, so if you have a daughter that is into this, encourage her. Make sure she knows that science and math are cool and it’s okay to love them.

#3. You can land a cool job in the science and math industry.

Engineering, scientist, lawyer, teacher—there are so many awesome jobs in the science and math industry. Make sure you tell your girls about these jobs. Let them know that their love for science can turn into a lifelong career.

These tips are AMAZING for encouraging our girl's love for science and math!

#4. Girls do science and math.

I’m not sure who keeps telling girls that they can’t do something, but they need to stop. Girls can do science and math. With the right confidence, girls can do anything they put their mind to. Girls listen to the voice inside of the head. You need to be that positive voice inside of their head telling them they can totally do science and math.

#5. Tell them who inspires you!

Girls need inspirational people and role models to help them in life. Find scientist and mathematicians that are women. Also, share with your girls who inspires you! Help them find inspiration through positive role models. It’s not about just telling them they are awesome; it’s about giving them the tools and the power to be awesome.

#6. Science and math can change the world.

Girls can behind world change. Encourage girls to love science and math by letting them know they are world changers. Think about what science and math has done for the world. When you encourage them to love science and math, you are creating world changers!

These tips are AMAZING for encouraging our girl's love for science and math!

I love knowing that I’m doing my part in encouraging my girl’s love of science and math with these simple phrases. Take some time today to use your favorite phrase to encourage your daughter! You should also be sure to pin this with the image below to come back for later!

These tips are AMAZING for encouraging our girl's love for science and math!

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