Vital Skills Every Girl Should Be Taught

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There are skills every girl should be taught, but it isn’t always happening.  Life is busy, schools can’t cover everything and we forget as parents that it is our ultimate responsibility to teach our kids everything they need to know.  Girls seem to be especially forgotten when it comes to teaching them certain skills.  I have some skills I want to make sure my daughters have before they leave the nest.  These are all unique and will be taught at different ages, but all these skill are important!

skills every girl should be taught

Skills Every Girl Should Be Taught

Basic Car Maintenance

I don’t want my girls to have to take their car to an expensive mechanic for every little thing.  Being dependent on a man is also not something I am big on.  I want my girls to be able to change a tire, use jumper cables and check their oil, tire pressure and fluid levels.  It is helpful to know some basics about how vehicles work and what are signs of a problem.  This is really easy to accomplish with youtube videos!

Basic Sewing Skills

The days of knowing your daughter will have a class or two in high school on sewing are OVER.  I wish it were still that way…but it probably won’t happen.  I want my sweeties to be able to do some basic mending and know how to sew a button on.  It really helps to have these skills in a pinch.

Know How To Use Basic Tools

Should my girls know how to use a hammer, screwdriver, pliers and a wrench?  YES, YES, YES!  These tools are basic and are used for so many things.  It would be embarrassing to not know which tool was which or what they could do.  Plus, I think it impresses guys when girls are good with tools!

skills every girl should be taught

Basic Home Maintenance

Knowing how to shut off the water can be HUGE when the toilet is overflowing.  Understanding where the breaker panel is and how it works is really helpful.  There are things about having a HOME that you need to know.  I want my girls to have skills for basic home maintenance.

How to Use a Fire Extinguisher

Yep…this one could save her life or someone else’s.  It is an easy skill to teach and learn.  I also want my daughter to know how important it is to HAVE a fire extinguisher in her home or apartment.

Self Defense Skills

I really think it is important for my daughters to learn self defense.  There are classes available all over the place now to make it easy.  It is just a fact that girls are more at risk for harm and they need to be ready.  I will teach my girls that it is okay to protect themselves!

These are skills every girl should be taught before she is out on her own. The knowledge and skills will enhance their lives and make them stronger.  It is important to this nerdy mamma that my girls be as independent as possible.  I will worry about them less!

skills every girl should be taught

Skills Every Girl Should Be Taught is a MUST PIN.  You can refer to this post over and over again as your little girl grows! Just keep checking those important skills off the list, right?

skills every girl should be taught

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