Easy Lavender Cherry Blossom Brunch Tea Party

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I’m so excited to show-off this super-cute Easy Lavender Cherry Blossom Brunch Tea Party that I threw together for my baby-girl over the weekend. I mean, there was a plethora of purple, flowers (despite the fact that it’s still winter), tea, special little cups we only ever use for tea and a smiling little girl at the center of it all!

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This was perhaps the prettiest party I have ever put together. The soft lavender, the “cherry blossoms” very delicate looking and soft. Just like a classic tea party should be, in my imagination. I loved everything about it. So did my daughter, the guest of honor. She was 2 1/2 (or 2.5 as my husband likes to call her), so it was a fun way to celebrate–and a good excuse! LOL!

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Pulling Off Your Own Lavender Cherry Blossom Brunch Tea Party

Setting the Stage

  • Get the right tea. Well, I’m all about how things smell when people walk into a party. And tea–tea smells amazing when it’s brewing. Lipton’s teas are made with real ingredients, combined with the best herbal tea blends to really awaken the senses and make a tea party SMELL like a tea party–even before the tea is served. Check out the full line-up of Lipton Green, Black and Herbal tea flavors, to find the one that sets your scene. how to set up a brunch tea party scene
  • DIY Quiche Bar. You have to love this movement lately with the “make your guests do half the work” parties. So you set-out the best ingredients. The yummiest stuff. And then you tell your guests to make their own yummy (in my case) quiche that is totally customized to what they want. It’s really a win-win situation all the way around. I put out about a dozen eggs, whipped and pre-seasoned with salt and pepper; crumbled bacon; diced tomatoes; grated cheese; diced onion; sliced mushrooms; cubed ham; and everything else I could think of. And then I used some handy-dandy baking cups that were pretty sturdy, pointed my guests in the direction of a cookie sheet when they were done with their quiche-making, popped them in the oven for 15 minutes at 350-degrees, then sat back to enjoy a cuppa. When the timer beeped, it was perfection in front of each of my guests. how to set up a DIY quiche bar
  • DIY Drink Bar…which turned into a to-go bar that relocated to our kitchen table! LOL! I wasn’t genuinely expecting this–but it was brilliant. What I did that worked so well? The tea was laid-out on a tray, just for looks, with the “main” teapot we were using (the tea everyone seemed to be liking the most at the moment–which was Irresistible Lady Lipton), and a couple of cups. I went to put the quiche in the oven and one of my guests had the bright idea to put the tray on the table…and we all kind of settled around the kitchen, waiting for the quiche! LOL!

While we wait for our DIY Quiches to bake, our little tea party moved to the kitchen table! LOL! Glad I put the DIY Beverage Bar in a little tray–made it so easy to move around! This #LiptonTeaTime is a fun time! LOL!

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Decorations for a Lavender Cherry Blossom Brunch Tea Party

  • DIY Teacups. So, I didn’t have enough teacups to go around–and I knew going in that I wouldn’t. Plus, for our mini-guests under the age of 15 really needed plastic cups instead of my mom’s super-awesome china that she let me borrow. So, we made our own teacups as a little, simple craft. I just got some plain white teacups from the local party store, then put out an assortment of washi tape that everyone could use to decorate their individual cup with. Easy and fun! diy teacups at a brunch tea party
  • Coffee Filter Flowers. I made the coffee filter flowers by dipping coffee filters into a cup of water with 12-15 drops of purple food coloring. Then, when the water had crept about halfway up the coffee filter, I flipped the filters and dipped them in water mixed with green food coloring. After allowing them to dry for 24 hours, I was able to twist the green centers and made little flowers. I loved it so much, I hot glued some to a branch I found in the yard. So cute! lavender cherry blossom brunch tea party fb

Recipes for a Lavender Cherry Blossom Brunch Tea Party

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Tell Me About Your Tea Party!

Leave me a comment below or hit me up on Facebook! I’d love to hear what you think about the tea party and if you’re planning on putting together your own fun Cherry Blossom Brunch Tea Party! And be sure to check out all of Lipton’s awesome teas here, even if a party isn’t in your future.

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