Easy DIY Pallet Wall in One Weekend

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We’ve been talking about doing this for a looooong time…it brewed slowly in our minds like a fun tease of a project that you never quite get your head around–but then you suddenly take the plunge and are So. Very. Pleased. My friends, with SToK™ in one hand and a hammer in the other, my husband made me an Easy DIY Pallet Wall in One Weekend. I win.

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We thought we’d take the plunge and finally do this project last weekend, when the boy was at summer camp (you know–one less kid somehow makes it easier to do a project?! or not). But, we were determined. So, I got him some inspiration in a cup and set his alarm (meaning, let the toddler wake him at 7am like she always does).

Yep, I got him some slow-brewed (like the BEST ideas) inspiration for geeks and makers–and anyone wanting to grab a project by the horns and really rough it up. Yeah, I got him: coffee. But no ordinary coffee…creative, offbeat coffee…iced…with a hint of mmmmmm….That’s right. I got him some SToK™.

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SToK™ is straight-up honest and pure coffee (meaning: no weird ingredients I can’t pronounce), with a smooth Brazilian blend flavor…but really, it’s an Arabica Blend…sneaky good flavor, that.

And, before we knew it–he was done. Sound like something you wanna do? I know it is…So, grab your choice of tasty SToK™ inspirational-beverage from Kroger and let’s get started building your Easy DIY Pallet Wall. I found mine here (with the other chilled drinks–go figure?!):

where to find SToK in store

Easy DIY Pallet Wall in One Weekend

Just use the arrows below to find out what you need and how to put this bad boy together.

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