Pokémon GO(ing) on a Date {Pokémon GO Date Ideas}

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OMG! These Pokémon GO(ing) on a Date {Pokémon GO Date Ideas} are so EASY--and awesome. I can't wait now.

With this game blowing up, there’re so many RIDICULOUSLY fun ideas, like team-hunts and fundraisers, and holding little Pokémon GO parties at a Pokéstop–and so many others. But you know, I have yet to hear of any Pokémon GO date-night ideas, though. Which is crazy because it’s the PERFECT thing to do! So, I brainstormed (you know, to give my hubby some options for our upcoming date night, heh), and here are a few ideas for Pokémon GO(ing) on a date. Heh.

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Pokémon GO Date-Night Ideas


Pokémon Hunting, Together

Now, you could just stick to your local haunts where you would usually catch your Pokémon, but this is a date-night! Go somewhere new, go into the city and check out all the Pokéstops. It’s really a great idea because you and your date will both get to experience new places together and go to places you never even knew existed.

Not to mention catch A LOT of Pokémon! This is a good bonding thing between you and your date especially if you are both really into the game.

And, if you’re so inclined, you can even hatch an egg together. Heh.


Out to Dinner

I’m not talking about just choosing a random place to go eat out at. Go on a hunt for Pokémon and check out all the Pokéstops, some of which can be restaurants or maybe you’ll find a restaurant near a Pokéstop.

Or, if you’re more of a planner, you can scope-out which restaurants you might both enjoy that ARE a Pokéstop. That way, you know what you’re getting into before you go.

And, when you sit down, you can drop a lure and, hopefully, by the time appetizers come, you can be catching a Pikachu. Kind of a little bondy-bonding time. Heh.


Go on a Hike

Yeah, I know hiking doesn’t sound like the best date, but it can be fun–just you and your date hanging out and bonding (I like that word today, don’t mind me). Not to mention taking a lovely hike and enjoying beautiful scenery–all the while catching Pokémon.

Just make sure the place that you are going to hike has cell service or otherwise you won’t be able to play the game. Also, in out-of-the-way place, you might just be able to find some rare Pokémon–working your way up to catching them all!


Battle Gyms Together

Assuming you’re a level 5 or higher (if not you’ll need to level up), you can go around to local gyms and battle your way to the top together. After earning your XP and leveling up together, you can put a cherry on top of all your hard work conquering all the gyms and go out for a drink.

And, you can compare stats, plan another battle-date and spend a little time reviving and healing any of your Pokémon that may have lost. All around fun, neh?


Simple Night Out

If you’re the kind of people who prefer simple things (kind of me, sort of–although I do like a good going out to eat, just FYI), you can just go out for a nice evening walk or go on a picnic and catch some Pokémon on your way there and during.

You can get all romantic and maybe even watch the sunset or hang out by a Pokéstop and lay down a lure to attract all kinds of different Pokémon. (Warning: lures also tend to attract people, so if you want a kind of quite date-night then I don’t suggest laying a lure down).

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There are so many things you can do with Pokémon GO, it really is a very creative new way of playing video games while also connecting people together, face to face. So, for me, Pokémon GO(ing) on a date just makes sense.

If you think you might be Pokémon GO(ing) on a date–but aren’t headed out tonight, be sure to pin this for later…you know, so you remember. And share with your friends on Facebook! They’ll love it.

OMG! These Pokémon GO(ing) on a Date {Pokémon GO Date Ideas} are so EASY--and awesome. I can't wait now.

Do you have any ideas for Pokémon GO(ing) on a date? Share in the comments!

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