How to Bond With Your Teen With Pokémon GO

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Oh, I love these ideas on bonding with your teen using Pokemon GO! So awesome! I can't wait to get out there with my kid now.

It’s hard for a lot of people to communicate with their teens because, you now, it’s a teen thing to not hang out with your parents–but maybe we can break that with a little help from Pokémon GO. It’s an all-around great idea, because, we could all use a little exercise and, if at the same time, you can Bond with Your Teen with Pokémon GO, all’s the better, neh?

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Pokémon Go has everyone under its spell–well, everyone with a phone, a penchant for Pikachu and a few minutes to spare–which is just about every teen on the planet. Heh.

It’s just such a new and improved (and more IRL-integrated) way to play this classic and beloved game that some of us grew up with and others are just starting to grow with…which is kind of a unique situation I feel like we should be taking advantage of. I mean–how many other things do you think you REALLY have in common with your teen? That are flexible enough to be done pretty much anytime you have time, gets everyone outside–and you can have fun doing?

Yeah–this is something special. So, let’s use it to our advantage and weasel our ways back into the fun part of our teen’s lives. (enter diabolical laugh track here)

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How to Bond With Your Teen With Pokémon GO

To check out all the tips on how to bond with your teen with Pokémon GO, just use the arrows below!

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