Mommy, I want a tattoo…

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about teenagers, my little girls, and the potential confluence of those two things. The idea of my babies one day growing-up and doing the crazy things I did–I can’t even type it without throwing up shivering a little. How my mom survived, I will never understand. But, really, so … Read more

What I had to do to enjoy being a mom

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I could have started this post by saying “this is how to enjoy being a mom”, but really, I could totally be the only person out there with these issues. Riiiiight. No, I think a lot of moms (especially new ones) have the same challenges, but my method for enjoyment may be the complete opposite … Read more

10 Unexpected Reasons Why Your Baby is Crying {maybe}

reasons your baby is crying

There’s like nine-million reasons why a baby could be upset. I mean, they’re little people with a very limited ability to communicate. Crying is their way of making sure you know–something. But sometimes, just sometimes, those Reasons Why Your Baby is Crying are like the hardest to diagnose. 10 Unexpected Reasons Why Your Baby is Crying {maybe} Growing … Read more