9 Ways to Find Inspiration for Your Creative Endeavors

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What is Inspiration? Practical Tips and Sources to Find It 

Creative individuals often encounter stagnation in their work, which can be demotivating. But sometimes, inspiration can be found in ordinary things, for example, by looking at your favorite painting or reading success quotes from famous people. 

If you feel frustrated due to a lack of inner power to finish your creative project, read this article. It explains how you can find inspiration, even in routine activities.

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How to find art inspiration 

Creativity is a way to express your inner self. It requires significant mental effort from the creator because it may be hard to open up your true vision and feelings, especially under a barrage of criticism. As a result, this can lead to a loss of inspiration and even depressive episodes. Studies show that creative individuals are more prone to mental health disorders.

FAQ: What does inspiration mean? 

For everyone, inspiration holds a personal meaning. Some draw creative strength from connecting with like-minded people, while others find solace in quiet contemplation. According to the Oxford Dictionary, inspiration is something or someone that sparks ideas for realization. The famous artist Pablo Picasso also captured this sentiment well: “Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working.”

The best way to regain lost inspiration is to slow down and dedicate time to yourself. However, as a creator, you should be able to process different types of information and find new meanings in them. For example, you can indulge in:

  • Escaping to nature. Many renowned creative minds find inspiration by observing the world around them. After all, there is no creator more powerful than nature itself. The vibrant hues of bird feathers, the distinct shapes of leaves, the unique behaviors of animals—all of it is not by random chance. As Leonardo da Vinci once wisely said in his inspirational quote, “Nature is the source of all true knowledge.” A creative’s mission is to learn how to listen to it.
  • Studying the works of other artists. Everything new is well-forgotten old. Even if it seems like another artist has brilliantly explored an idea, there is always space for new thoughts. After all, each person can interpret the same concept in their own way.
  • Reading books. Literature is perceived differently depending on the period of life when you immerse yourself in it. Reread your favorite works to find new meaning.
  • Watching movies and series. Modern videos are complex; they combine the harmony of visual storytelling, music, and the author’s vision. Moreover, they often address important topics that can serve as a foundation for your artwork.
  • Listening to music. Audio compositions can help creators express their thoughts more clearly. Different genres and styles can help you tap into a specific mood while drawing or designing. 
  • Traveling. The diversity of cultures allows creative minds to broaden their horizons. As a result, this can lead to unusual artistic expression.  For example, artists and designers have found inspiration in various settings, including hotels with kitchens, which offer a unique blend of convenience and creativity.
  • Engaging with people who share similar perspectives. For some people, individuals and their thoughts can be a real source of inspiration. Your best work may emerge during sincere conversations with friends or loved ones.
  • Finding joy in the little things. A fundamental exercise in any art school is drawing complex objects using simple geometric shapes. It’s not by chance. If you take a closer look at ordinary things, you can find many sources of inspiration.
  • Self-reflection. All significant works of art in history are based on the emotions, experiences, and changes in the lives of their creators. For example, Edvard Munch painted his gloomy masterpiece “The Scream” between 1893 and 1910 as a precursor to impending wars and revolutions. It seems to convey the artist’s sense of despair, emphasizing the importance for artists to be able to introspect.

In the book about inspiration, “The War of Art,” American writer Steven Pressfield asserts that waiting for creativity is pointless. He suggests that artists should discipline themselves and establish a clear work schedule. According to him, only regular engagement in such activities can lead to inspiration, not vice versa.

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FAQ: How do you find inspiration for art?

A great way for creators to find inspiration is by grabbing a sketchbook, going outdoors, and drawing whatever catches your eye. It could be plants, animals, people, or scenic landscapes. This allows creative minds to get time alone and use their sketches as a foundation for developing more intricate compositions later. 

3 online inspiration galleries 

One great photography art quote by American creator Edward Weston states: “The camera sees more than the eye, so why not make use of it?” So, try to find inspiration through the prism of other creators’ works. You can browse various art and photography galleries online or even visit them in person. Here are a few good sources available on the internet.

The Artling

This online gallery focuses on contemporary art, presented through paintings, sculptures, and photography. To make it easier for you to find specific ideas, you can use filters to sort materials. For example, you can choose predominant colors and styles.


Artnet is an online marketplace for visual art. Here, you can explore works in various genres, such as classic, modernism, or expressionism. The platform also facilitates buying and selling artworks.


Ocula provides a visual space for exploring various art pieces. For example, you can browse drawings, handmade ceramics, sculptures, and photography. The platform also regularly hosts exhibitions that can be attended offline. Thanks to their striking and diverse visuals, you can find inspiration in art and photography

FAQ: What is inspiration in life? 

Inspiration in life often comes from ordinary objects or routine activities. For example, you might be surprised at how harmoniously the shape of a specific item can convey its meaning. You can also find inspiration in nature, even when you’re just rushing to work. To discover this feeling in your daily routine, try writing down the thoughts that come to you throughout the day.

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Some creators believe that inspiration comes naturally, and it’s impossible to work without it. In reality, this sense of motivation arises when you start creating and noticing unique details in everyday life. Of course, sometimes, a creator’s mind can be overloaded and unable to perform. Therefore, the best way to capture inspiration is to engage in what you truly enjoy.

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