5 “Must Have” Things to Put in a Stocking for a Teen Boy

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These 5 Must Haves for a teen boy's Christmas stocking are so spot-on. And FUNNY. #4...LOL!

Teens are enigmas. And then comes the holidays. He’s even worse around this time of year, and I really don’t know why. I mean, how does a person become more mysterious???? I don’t even understand that. But it happens, so I roll with it. Surely I’m not the only parent-to-a-teen that has that problem? I mean, I’ve really had to rack my brains to figure out what to put in his stocking, even. What I came up with is this quick list of 5 “Must Have” Things to Put in a Stocking for a Teen Boy. Now, if I can just make sure he actually LIKES these things on the day of and didn’t change his mind 2 seconds before…

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5 “Must Have” Things to Put in a Stocking for a Teen Boy

  1. Confidence. They’re always something in their own minds. For mine, it’s a pretty smile. Who doesn’t want whiter teeth? But it starts with brushing, swishing, flossing and generally cleaning that garbage disposal they call a mouth. I mean, how many burgers can they put in there anyway??? Don’t tell me it’s easy to get your teen boy to brush. It’s like they don’t realize that Stinky Breath = No Girls.what should you put in a stocking for a teen boy sq
  2. Better Kissing Ability. Because you’re a fool if you think that boy’s first kiss ain’t coming soon. And if his lips are all cracked and dry, icky and gross, that’ll be the LAST kiss he gets. Forever. So, fix him up first.
  3. Reduce the Creep-Factor. Long nails on dudes are creepy. Enough said. 5 must haves for a teen boy's christmas stocking fb
  4. Kill the BO Before It Kills You. Have you smelled your teen boy lately? Please don’t, you’ll probably die of the odor currently wafting off his underarms. Poor guy has a stink problem. They all do. It’s like the hormones of puberty are made of nasty-smelling garlicky, pungent onioney death-bombs. For your own safety (and any hope that he might have of finding a girlfriend), kill that BO. Kill it hard.
  5. Destroy Pizza Face. Did you realize that a lot of times, for a lot of kids, their skin just needs structure to heal-up those hideous outbreaks? Yeah, they need cleaning, lotion and some spot-treatment is all. Unless their face is already a mess, then they might need a dermatologist. Just sayin’.

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Don’t understand what I’m talking about? Or, just want an awesome-er way of looking at it? Check out how to put these 5 “must have” things in his grasp:

Tutorial for what to get a teen boy for christmas

I got this fun idea to do a basic “hygiene kit” for my son in his stocking while my daughter and I were trolling Target for Christmas gifts. We found this rockin’ Philips Sonicare 2 Series in green (which you can only get at Target, which is also awesome). My son really is concerned about his teeth, so I was happy to see that the Philips Sonicare 2 Series removes up to 6x more plaque than a regular manual brush. My daughter was so stoked, she thought the toothbrush was for her…silly baby, awesome tooth-care isn’t for people that can’t sing the ABC’s yet. Heh.

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But, don’t tell her that–I’ll probably wrap something of hers in the box so she thinks she’s getting it. LOL!

If you have any other recommendations for my son’s stocking, pop them in the comments below or drop me a line on Facebook. I love hearing from you.

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