5 Instant Pot Soup Hacks

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(Inside: Who doesn’t need a little help making those Instant Pot soups really shine? I mean, these 5 Instant Pot Soup Hacks will skybrothet your soupskills into the stewtisphere. Heh.)

If you own an instant pot, you already know that they’re one of the handiest appliances to have in your kitchen.

And I have some tips and tricks I’ve been using to make the Instant Pot even more handy-dandy when you’re indulging in a soup-making adventure.

While we’re at it, if you need a few soup recipes for your instant pot, you should totally check out my 25 Gluten-Free Instant Pot Soups.

You won’t be disappointed. 

I love these simple Instant Pot Soup Hacks! Ridiculously easy to understand and DO! #hacks #instantpot #pressurecooker #soup #howto

5 Instant Pot Soup Hacks

Homemade Broth

You can quickly make homemade broth for soup recipes in your instant pot.

All you have to do is place your meat on the bone into your pressure cooker with a the amount of water you’d like magically turned into broth–and cook away.

Homemade broths taste more flavorful and you get to pick which additives to add (or not).

And, as a bonus, you can freeze your broth into ice cube trays when you need a small portion for cooking.

Sauté away

Did you know the instant pot has a sauté feature?

This functionality is perfect for pre-cooking things like onions and garlic that need to sweat a little before everything else gets thrown together.

Not only will this save you time from sweating the veggies yourself, but your house is going to smell amazing.

Just put the goodies in the instant pot, then turn on the sauté function. So simple.

Use the saute, friend. USE IT.

I love these simple Instant Pot Soup Hacks! Ridiculously easy to understand and DO! #hacks #instantpot #pressurecooker #soup #howto

Canned ingredients

Canned veggies and soups make a great start to any instant pot soup mix.

By using these as a base, you’re cutting down on time you have to spend cooking–and they contain a lot of liquid, so that cuts down on the amount of flavorless water you might have to add.

And this is also where the whole “dump it and forget it” mentality comes in.

Canned items will save you time and money, in the end, so don’t be afraid to use them at your disposal.

Freeze Individual Servings…Magically!

Another silly simple tip is to freeze your leftover instant pot soup in muffin tins for when you only need one serving–or when you need 5 and you’ve got 5 muffin tins full…yeah?

This also works for when you’ve made yogurt or granola and you need a cup of something on the road for the kiddos.

If you stick a popsicle stick in the yogurt before you freeze it (maybe even toss some granola on top), you’ve got a great breakfast yogurt pop for the kiddos on the way to school.

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I love these simple Instant Pot Soup Hacks! Ridiculously easy to understand and DO! #hacks #instantpot #pressurecooker #soup #howto

Warm It Up

If you’re not using the warming feature on your instant pot, what are you doing with your life?

The warming button is perfect for those rainy days when you want to eat your instant pot soup on and off.

There are also instant pots that will set your soup to “warm” once they have finished cooking (how decadent).

Then you can just graze all day like nobody cares.

Use Your Noodle(s)

When using noodles, make sure to add them when you near the end of your cooking time.

Adding them too early (more than just a couple minutes in) will make for mushy, soggy, icky noodles that nobody wants.

Particularly with gluten-free noodles. They kind of tend to disintegrate about 2 seconds into overcookedville.

So, wait until the end. VERY VERY END.

Speaking of the end. Here we are again…the end of my 5 Instant Pot Soup Hacks.

Be sure to pin these so you’ve got reminders on hand for when soup season starts back up in November. Heh.

I love these simple Instant Pot Soup Hacks! Ridiculously easy to understand and DO! #hacks #instantpot #pressurecooker #soup #howto

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