5 Easy Money-Saving Kitchen Hacks

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These 5 Money-Saving Kitchen Hacks are so simple. I love tricks and tips like this--especially when they can save me SO MUCH! LOL!

My mom was great a saving money in the kitchen, but for some reason, I didn’t pick-up on a lot of her tricks while I was growing-up. So, I made a lot of mistakes and have stumbled my way to these 5 Easy Money-Saving Kitchen Hacks–the fifth one being a trick that my mom JUST taught me (I can’t believe I didn’t know it from growing up?!). LOL!

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5 Easy Money-Saving Kitchen Hacks

  1. Use a Great Trash Bag. If you have to double-layer your trash bags EVER, you’re buying the wrong ones. And, if you have to buy air fresheners for the kitchen, you’re definitely buying the wrong one. Hefty Ultra Strong is the only trash bag I want in my house. Hefty Ultra Strong bags are an outstanding quality and they have a new, lower price. And, with their active tear resistant technology, I know I’m getting better puncture resistance along with a odor-fighting scents…it’s just awesome all the way around.
  2. Using Cloth. Seriously, this makes a big dent in kitchen costs (think about all those paper towels and paper napkins you normally go through). Paper towels cost a couple dollars a roll–and if you’re going through a roll a day, like I used to, that adds-up over a year. And add in all those cute paper napkins…
  3. Washing Dishes Less Often. I’m not saying to let your dishes stack up in the sink until they mold (eeeeww). Rather, I’m suggesting that you only run the dishwasher when it’s full. This means I rinse my dishes when we’re done eating (which you should be doing anyway unless you were raised in a barn) and pop them in the dishwasher. I just wait until its very full, and then, about three times a week, I run the dishwasher. That saves water AND electricity. 5 money-saving kitchen hacks fb
  4. Saving-up Big Trash. This is a big one, but it will only work if you use a quality trash bag like Hefty Ultra Strong. Make a habit of putting boxes and large (clean) garbage on the counter until the can is full, then pull the bag out of the trash can and put the large items on top–that way it’s REALLY full when we put it out. This saves us from having 900 half-filled trash bags.
  5. Refrigerating Fruit and Veggies. This should be a given, but I didn’t know about it and neither did my hubby. My mom taught it to me about a month ago. Apparently, you should put all your fruits and veggies into the fridge until a little while before you use them–that way they don’t go bad and get thrown out all the time. This has already saved me about $100 since my mom taught me this little trick–and that’s only in trashed avocados…

Bonus Easy Money-Saving Kitchen Hack: Before May 30th, 2016, pick-up two or more boxes of Hefty trash bags at Walmart and earn a $10 Walmart gift card with this Swagbucks offer!

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Would you add anything to my 5 Easy Money-Saving Kitchen Hacks? Let me know by dropping me a line in the comments below–and don’t forget to pick-up some Hefty Ultra Strong trash bags at Walmart the next time you’re there!

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