35 Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixer Attachments Every Nerdy Foodie Needs

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I love these 35 Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixer Attachments--what a great gift idea for a foodie! So easy, too...you can't go wrong.

My husband asked me the other day what I would like for my birthday. Now, the big day is several months off, so this made me a little suspicious–he NEVER asks this far ahead. So, not really knowing what this was about, I thought I’d think REALLY hard and come up with some diversity that he could pick from, but also some specificity that I could be assured I’d get something that would be useful and cool. And since I’ve been cooking for 5 now (and will be for the next 18 years it seems), I thought: Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixer Attachments. Useful, fun, and kind of awesome. What more could a nerdy-foodie-mamma want?

35 kitchen-aide stand mixer attachments every nerdy-foodie needs fb

P.S. if you don’t have a stand mixer, you’re really missing out. My mom got me this one as a wedding gift…its Ah-Mazing. And since I’ve had it for 10 years (or longer–can’t keep track of that pesky wedding date), it’s totally been tested every which way. And I think it’s time I maybe got some attachments…Heh.

And, yes, I count the decals as “attachments” since they’re cool. Heh.

35 Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixer Attachments Every Nerdy Foodie Needs

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I mean, seriously. There’s so much variety here…Do you know of any more Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixer Attachments I need to add to my hubby’s list-o-potential gifts for me? Lemme know in the comments below, if you have any suggestions! LOL!

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