49 Swear Word Coloring Books for Adults {Because Why Not?!}

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OMG! I can't stop giggling. This is so funny--there are 49 Swear Word adult coloring books! Love. This. LOL!

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Ok, so I’m a little in love with the idea of coloring pages that are a little naughty…is that wrong? I don’t think it is. Heh. So, I am trying to pick from these 49 Swear Word Coloring Books for Adults, because I don’t actually need all 49…but I feel that I need at least one. Or I could make my own, but that’s not always as fun (that takes a lot of work during which I’d rather be coloring). So, here it is…in all it’s f*king glory. Heh.

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P.S. Had there been 69 that I could find, trust me, it would have been better. Heh.

49 Swear Word Coloring Books for Adults {Because Why Not?!}

 Release Your Anger: Midnight Edition: An Adult Coloring Book with 40 Swear Words to Color and Relax Swear Word Coloring Book: Hilarious Sweary Coloring book For Fun and Stress Relief Memos to Shitty People: A Delightful & Vulgar Adult Coloring Book Calm the F*ck Down: An Irreverent Adult Coloring Book I Am Sick of This S**t Swear Word Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relief Coloring Book featuring Sweary Words, Animals and Flowers Swear Word Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relief Coloring Book with Sweary Words, Animals and Flowers (Unibul Press Coloring Books) (Volume 2) 50 Shades Of Bullsh*t: A Delectable & Impolite Adult Coloring Book Swear Word Adult Coloring Book ( Black Edition): Over 45 Hilarious and Stress Relieving Swear Words Designs Swear Word Coloring Book: I Don’t Give A Damn Adult Coloring Book Featuring Sweary Words & Funny Phrases Swear Word Coloring Book: The Jungle Adult Coloring Book featured with Sweary Words & Animals Sweary Coloring Book for Adults Swear Word Coloring Book : Adults Coloring Book With Some Very Sweary Words: 41 Stress Relieving Curse Word Designs To Calm You The F**k Down ( Swear Words Coloring Books for Adults) (Volume 1) Swear Word Adult Coloring Book: Hilarious Sweary Coloring Book for Fun and Stress Relieve Sweary Coloring Book: Swear Words Relaxation for Adults with Mandalas & Paisley Designs (Swear Word Adult Coloring Book) (Volume 1) Calm As F*ck – Adult Coloring Book: 30 Swear Words and Colorful Phrases Swear Word Adult Coloring Book: 30 Stress Relief Words to Color Clusterf*ck Coloring Book: 60 Sweary Designs : Cats, Dogs and Owls Coloring Book : Swear Word Coloring Book Swear Word Coloring Book: Fucksicles: For fans of adult coloring books, mandala coloring books, and grown ups who like swearing, curse words, cuss words and typography. Swear Word Coloring Book: Best seller of Adult coloring book (Volume 1) Swear Word Adult Coloring Book: Pop Art – Stress Relief Coloring Book Fucksicles: Summer Nights Edition : Swear Word Adult Coloring Book: For grown ups who like to swear and color! Sit the F*ck Down and Color: Adult Swear Word Coloring Book for Stress Relief Calm the F*ck Down: An Irreverent Adult Colouring Book – UK Edition Swear Like a Sailor: Swear Word Coloring Book for Adults (Sweary Coloring Books) (Volume 3) The Vulgar Offensive Very Adult Coloring Book: For Mature Audiences Swear word coloring book : Adult Coloring book (Volume 1) Swear Word Mandala Coloring Book: The F**k Edition – 40 Rude and Funny Swearing and Cursing Designs with Stress Relief Mandalas (Funny Coloring Books) (Volume 1) Monster Shits: A Swear Word Adult Coloring Book Sweary Coloring Book: F*ck My Life (Swear Word Coloring Book) (Swear and Relax) (Volume 4) Hilariously Offensive Swear Word Coloring Book! I Don`t Give A F*ck: Swear Word Coloring Book For Adults Swear Word Adult Coloring Book: Coloring Books For Adults, coloring book for grown ups, Relaxation Swear Word Coloring Book: Hilarious (and Disturbing) Adult Coloring Books F*ck Everything (Sweary Words Coloring Book for Adults): Swear Word Coloring book (Swear and Relax) (Volume 13) Swear Word Adult Coloring Book with 40 Sweary Curse Words Swear Word Coloring Book: Have Some Pun: Hilarious Sweary Coloring Book For Fun and Stress Relief Doodle Sweary Dogs: Adult Coloring Books Featuring Stress Relieving and Hilarious Doodle Dogs with Swear Word Designs- Best Coloring Book Gift For Friends, Family and Loved Ones! Granny Swears – Black Edition: An Adult Coloring Books With Swears Grannies Would Say : Swear Word Coloring Book Coloring Book Swear Words: Great Cuss/Swear Word Alternatives (Stress Relieving Sugar Skull Designs 100 Pages) Sweary Coloring Book: Adult Coloring Books Featuring Stress Relieving Swear Designs (Swear Word Coloring Books) (Volume 2) Swear Word Coloring Book: The Sweary Coloring Book for Adults – Hilariously Rude Swearing and Cursing Designs for Stress Relief (Swear Word Adult Coloring Book, Funny Coloring Book for Adults) Swear Word Adult Coloring Book Black & White Midnight Edition: Funny & Unique Curse Word Prints (Swear Words Adult Coloring Books) (Volume 1) The Swear Word Coloring Book: Cuss word coloring book for those who love to swear…and color! If you are a fan of profanity and swearing coloring … coloring book, you will love this! (Volume 1) Unicorns Are Jerks: A Coloring Book Exposing the Cold, Hard, Sparkly Truth Sweary Coloring Book: A Beautiful Adult Coloring Book with Relaxing Swear Words to Calm Your Tits (Swear Word Adult Coloring Book) (Volume 2) Swear Word Adult Coloring Books: Midnight Edition: Coloring Books For Adults Featuring Stress Relieving and Fancy Swear Word Designs Calm: Make Today Your Bitch the Epic Profane Adult Coloring Book: Swear Word finds Sweary Fun Way – Swearword for Stress Relief Swear Word Coloring Book: The Joy of Sweary Curse Words for Adults


So…heh. Whatcha think? Gonna pick up a couple Swear Word Coloring Books? Let me know which one you’re picking by dropping me a line below in the comments (swear words accepted)! Eep!

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