3 Other Reasons Your Kid Needs New Glasses Before School Starts

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It’s like every new school year, I have a list of things that I have to do…and one thing that invariably gets forgotten is new glasses. This year, though, I was prepared. We hit-up JCPenney Optical for both new glasses, but also my son’s eye exam–that way we could get both things done at once. Which is AMAZING considering the back to school season can be so very hectic. Basically, getting him new glasses every year before school starts is important because he needs them to see (duh), but there are other 3 Other Reasons Your Kid Needs New Glasses Before School Starts that are just as important, too…but a little LESS obvious.

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3 Other Reasons Your Kid Needs New Glasses Before School Starts

Growing Up

Kids are always growing and they constantly need new shoes, clothes, etc. There’s no exception when it comes to glasses. Maybe they haven’t necessarily “grown” out of them but they could’ve grown out of the kind of style and want something new. Or, from personal experience, I know they may not tell you if certain things bother them like their glasses could be giving them headaches or they still can’t see well and they need a different prescription strength.

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Kids have their own style and having control over that gives them a significant level of confidence. And it’s important to remember that their glasses are a large part of this. When you have to wear glasses, it can be tough because you don’t get to just change them so often like clothes–you’re kind of stuck with them for a while. A good way to look at glasses are like a long-term accessory of sorts. Your kids need a pair that will be “in-style” and go with every outfit, something that boosts their confidence. And approaching it like this could make picking a new pair of glasses something your kids look forward to.

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Check Ups

Last but not least, getting them a new pair of glasses for the school year is also an excuse for them to go and get a check-up. So this way you can have both of these things done and over with,  your kid will be fully prepared for the school year with a new boost of confidence and there won’t be any worries on your end that maybe they need that new prescription–or there’s another problem that you don’t even know about.


So, basically, your kid needs the glasses–every year. It’s not a vanity thing. So, even if you don’t need them–take your kid. However, I do mine every year at the same time I take him to do his. Convenient, huh? LOL!

Do you know of any other reasons why it is so important to get your kids new glasses for the school year? Share in the comments! And don’t forget to pin this post so that you can remember next year, too…

These 3 other reasons your kid needs new glasses before school starts Kind of brilliant--but also, something I should have thought of...smart.

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