25 Outrageously Fun Backyard BBQ Birthday Party Ideas

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These 25 Outrageously Fun Backyard BBQ Birthday Party ideas are so fun! I can't wait for my son's summer birthday bash!

My son turns 14 this year–going on 18. He doesn’t want a “little kid’s” party. He wants the family to come out and have a party like it was dad’s birthday. LOL! So, we’re going to throw a fun Backyard BBQ Party with these 25 Outrageously Fun Backyard BBQ Birthday Party Ideas!

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25 Outrageously Fun Backyard BBQ Birthday Party Ideas

  1. The perfect starter for the grill-master (as we call my husband), is a set of BBQ tools to up his game from HotRef. The way he grills will never be the same.
  2. For appetizers, I’ll whip-up some Veggie & Dip Shooters ahead of time. You know, clean fingers–and still yummy.
  3. By using pie tins and bandanas for plates and napkins, it’ll be easy clean-up and fun.
  4. We’ll set the scene and get a personalized gingham table runner from HotRef, then use some chalkboard paint on the table to tell guest what your dishes are or where to sit! LOL!
  5. I might be nice to my guests and start them off with an ice-bucket stuffed full of pre-prepared cocktails or mocktails in mason jars. I can get personalized mason jars (and mini-mason jars) at HotRef. that’ll go with the theme!
  6. One of those drinks in your mason jars NEEDS to be sweet & sour Strawberry Lemonade.
  7. Or, I might serve up a Watermelon Keg full of  some Watermelon Tea and blow my guests away with my pintrest-tivity.
  8. And…maybe a Beer Bar. Because awesome.
  9. My husband would love to make some totally killer DIY posts for hanging lights or a fun, personalized banner from HotRef.
  10. And, we’ll be sure to wrap twinkle lights around your trees, because this party needs to light up the night!
  11. Or, we will be all lighting plant-romantic….by just tossing a fancy glass into a potted plant and throw-off a tea light inside…beautiful.
  12. Instead of a boring ‘ole cake, I’ll make a summer-ific Watermelon Cake.
  13. Ok, my son can have cupcakes, too, but only if they’re adorable grill cupcakes
  14. And, while I’m making those, I’ll whip-up a batch of grill cookie balls, too.
  15. Or, kick it up a notch with a traditional yummy dessert with these individual-serve apple pies.
  16. Even though he’s “too big” for “little kid games”, I’m going to make sure to have plenty of kid’s activities to keep ’em busy, while they’re waiting for their hot dogs.
  17. By having some homemade BBQ sauce, I’m going to really wow the adults–and have ’em talking around the grill…
  18. For dinner, nothing’s more fun that food on a stick, so we’ll do some yummy Chicken Kabobs.
  19. But, we’ll definitely be having a new family-favorite: Bacon-Wrapped Cheese Hot Dogs (because bacon + cheese + hot dog = awesome).
  20. And Mexican Grilled Corn is the perfect side to go with ANY BBQ main-dish.
  21. Pair that corn with Baked Beans and–whoa.
  22. Add in Bacon-Ranch Potato Salad. There. Will. Be. No. Guest. Un-Stuffed. Heh.
  23. Since we’re super-serious about this grown-up BBQ party, though, we MUST have ribs (and I have a super-sneaky trick for making the most delicious, tender ribs…).
  24. And, if I feel the need to have some salad on the table…I’ll go with Wedge-on-a-Stick.
  25. Finally, my son’s guest’ll be headed home with cute little candy tins or gingham favor boxes from HotRef!

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Let me know how your Outrageously Fun Backyard BBQ Birthday Party goes! I’d love to hear if you have any ideas to add to mine, so drop me a comment on Facebook.

And don’t forget to hit up HotRef for your awesome party supplies!

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