20+ Ways to Entertain Your Kids As a Lazy Parent

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Let’s be honest, being a parent is hard. Mostly because you have to keep those monsters entertained all the time. This, my friends, is an amazing list of 20+ Ways to Entertain your Kids as a Lazy Parent. You’re welcome.

There used to be a day when you could send your kids outside, and they would be gone until the street lights came on.

Can you imagine the freedom?!

My house would always be clean; the dishes done; and I would have just a little more sanity. (Actually, that’s prolly not true, but I can dream, yeah?)

However, times have changed and as parents, we are stuck with our kids day in and day out.

Which is why we need these 20 ways to entertain your kids as a lazy parent! (Because, let’s just be honest here, we’re lazy–at least, I am.)

mom and baby laying on bed looking at each other

20+ Ways to Entertain Your Kids as a Lazy Parent

  • Get Youtube for kids. Apparently, kids love those unboxing videos. Even science claims these types of unboxing videos are good for development. So, hand them a screen and sip a glass of wine.
    Bribe them. Seriously. We throw money on the ground and the kids get to keep whatever money they find while cleaning. Cleaning is the keyword here. All money is forfeited if it doesn’t get clean.
  • Make Up a Competition. You need those rooms clean, first person to get their room clean gets an ice cream. Trust me; room cleaning will entertain your kids for awhile.
    Take your kids to the pool. If you head out to the pool where there are lifeguards at every corner, you got yourself free babysitting. Bring a book, recline in that lawn chair, and let someone else deal with your kids for awhile. Bonus* if your kids know how to swim, life is even better.
    Get Prime Book Boxes from Amazon. Kids love getting things in the mail, and if you make it a competition to see who can read the most books in one day, you can keep your kids busy for hours. And, you will enjoy the quiet.
  • Kick them outside anyways. Society may frown on this, but if your a lazy parent, they probably frown on you anyways. Pack a backpack with water and snacks; give your kids boundaries; lock the door behind you. They can even stay in the backyard.
    Have educational time. We don’t have time to teach, so download some educational apps on a tablet or phone. Let your kids know that they must complete at least 30-minutes of educational apps before they can have free screen time. Think ABCmouse, Disney Story Central, or Cookie Monster’s Challenge.
  • Give them some boxes. You think I am kidding, but what do these kids play with more than toys?! The damn box the toys came in. So, give them some boxes and encourage them to make something; anything for at least 20-minutes.
    Invest in some water balloons. I am not talking about the ones you have to fill and tie. No, save your sanity and get the Bunch O Balloons water balloons. Simply screw it to the nozzle, let the balloons fill, and watch them tie and plop into the bucket.
  • Bathe your kids. If your kids are still little, throw them in the bath until their fingers wrinkle. I don’t know what it is about tub full of water, but kids are entertained forever! Pour in some bubbles and they even get clean.
  • Play house with your kids. Yeah, you heard that right. You know all those chores you kids are keeping you from doing? Put them in charge and tell them that they’re mom–and the dishes need putting away, the laundry needs sorting and let’s talk about vacuuming.  mom and baby laying on bed looking at each other
  • Play doctor with them. No, get your brain out of the gutter. That’s just gross. We should just forget that you thought I was saying that. Ew. This is what I mean: You are the sick patient, and they are the nurses and doctors who need to assist you for everything you need like getting you a blanket, handing you a drink, etc. This is a great way to keep kids entertained while getting a little R&R.
  • Have the kids put on a show. Tell them you want them to entertain you with their imaginations. They can put on a talent show, puppet show, or even create a video to post on Youtube. Sometimes kids just need a little hint to get their creative juices flowing.
  • Keep those monsters fed. I am not kidding, guys; these things can keep themselves entertained if you feed them religiously. Heck, have them do the cooking–within reason, of course. And then you’re only doing half the work of cleaning up…unless you put them in charge of that, too.
  • Give your kids a big puzzle. Depending on age, puzzles are a great way to keep little minds busy. Let them know that if they finish it, you can put puzzle glue on it and hang it on the wall.
  • Let them color on the walls. This sounds scary, but if you get chalkboard paint or whiteboard paint, you can turn your wall into a work of art. It also makes a great noteboard on a daily basis.
  • Give them a little freedom. Sometimes, kids just need a little more freedom. Let them run as fast as they can around the block without you. Let them cross the street, looking both ways, while you are on the porch. Giving them small freedoms can mean less entertaining for you.
  • Give them chores. Give your kids a list of everything that needs to be done, and they can’t come to you about anything until it is done. Unless, of course, someone is bleeding or dying.I use this for my deep cleaning like cleaning all the borders.
  • Have a dance party. Music is a cure for the soul. We all need a little music in our lives, so get your phone ready and let your kids dance to some old school beats.
  • Let them play in the mud. Kids like to get messy and crazy, so just let it happen. Turn on the sprinkler, make some mud, and tell your kids to jump in. Just make sure they hose off before they come in the house. In fact, you could send the soap out there, and then showers are done!
  • When all else fails, Redbox it. Redbox is cheap, has new releases, and your kids can pick out what they want to watch. When it’s one of those days, keep the movies coming.

We all know you aren’t really a lazy parent, but being a parent can drain the life straight out of you.

I totally get it. Heck, I’m living it.

How do you entertain your kids as a lazy parent? Share your tips in the comments below.

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mom and baby laying on bed looking at each other

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