18 Star Wars Treats and Eats

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This roundup of 18 Star Wars Treats and Eats has SO MANY awesome ideas! I love that there's a little something for every meal.

Star Wars will never get old for me (no matter how many re-imaginings come out in the form of sequels/prequels/and in-betweenies) and it’s a little bit of an obsession in our house, admittedly. We watch the movies regularly, and with Star Wars: The Force Awakens now out on DVD, I thought: what goes better with a movie than snacks and drinks!? There are so many possibilities for fun with all of the characters and scenes in the movies. And themed snacks are awesome and totally something that your kids will remember for years to come. So, why not? So, here’s my creative inspiration for a fun movie-night with Star Wars, kids and 18 Star Wars Treats and Eats.

18 Star Wars Treats and Eats fb

My parents introduced me to this saga when I was a child and I plan to share it with my kids. And I hope that they remember the great times (accompanied by great treats!) and share with their kids when they’re all grown-up. And one of the things that I remember when I was a child, when my brother and I would be watching movies, was the special themed snacks my mom would make us. It made it that much more fun and interesting. Some of my favorite characters from movies are from the Star Wars series and now I get to share even more fun with my kids and friends.

18 Star Wars Treats and Eats

  1. Storm Trooper Cupcakes
  2. Light Saber Nut-Free Puppy Chow
  3. Greedo’s Last Drink
  4. Light Saber Pretzel Rods
  5. Quick Cookie Light Sabers
  6. Star Wars BB-8 Punch
  7. BB-8 Pancakes
  8. Rogue One Gluten-Free & Vegan Toffee Ice Cream
  9. Jabba Juice
  10. Death By Chocolate Hot Chocolate
  11. Rebel Alliance Chocolate Covered Strawberry Float
  12. Chocolate Death Star Waffles
  13. Light Saber Cookies
  14. Dark Side – Light Side Brookie Batter Balls
  15. Chewie Caramel Corn 
  16. Star Wars Breakfast
  17. Light Saber Cereal Cookie Treats
  18. Star Wars Chocolates

I hope that you have found a new favorite amongst my 18 Star Wars Treats and Eats…or maybe there is a twist on an old snack that you have an idea for! Let me know which one of these awesome Star Wars themed food and drinks that you would like to try and what would you make to celebrate!

And, if you’re just as obsessed as I am, you TOTALLY need to make a little trip down memory lane with me and see these awesome Star Wars -related activities…

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