Quick Cookie Light Sabers

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These Light Saber cookies are so cute. Very cool favors for a Star Wars party! LOL!

I needed a quick idea for favors for a Star Wars Party I wanted to throw for my son. Kind of a last-minute thing and I kind of forgot about favors (oops), so I had to think fast. A moment of inspiration hit and I made these ridiculously silly, Quick Cookie Light Sabers. My son thought they were hilarious. Which is a good thing, because I’d run out of time and I couldn’t have made anything else. LOL!

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Yeah, they’re short and stubby–and easily fall apart if used as a real light saber, but that’s totally ok. I mean, I don’t typically encourage my son to quasi-fight with sleeves of cookies, but when you dress things like light sabers…well, its just a good thing that they fall apart on impact, that’s all. Maybe not the best idea to make little swords for boys to play with, buuuuuttt, I couldn’t help myself. Silly me.

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What You Need to Make Quick Cookie Light Sabers

  • Boxes of cookies, you know, those single-sleeves of cookies
  • Green and/or red construction paper
  • Silver or grey duct tape
  • Invisible tape (like Scotch tape)
  • 30 seconds per light saber (heh)

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How to Make Quick Cookie Light Sabers

  1. Take the cookies out of the box.
  2. Lay the cookies lengthwise on the construction paper.
  3. Tape one end of the paper onto the cookies.
  4. Roll the paper over the cookies and tape it closed.
  5. Fold one end closed and tape it down.
  6. Close the other end and tape it down.
  7. If one end didn’t quite get covered by the construction paper, use that end and put a piece of duct tape over the end.
  8. Wrap the duct tape around the bottom portion of the cookies to form a light saber handle.
  9. Begin again (because you have to make like 15-25 of them, depending on how big your invite list was! LOL!).

If I didn’t make any sense in the instructions, or if you’re seriously pressed for time, feel free to check the photo below. You know, because pictures are worth a thousand words and I’m too lazy to write another one….LOL!

How to make a cookie light saber for a party favor

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