15 Must Try Recipes Using Guinness Stout

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(Inside: When I was a kid, I loved beer biscuits…but now I’ve found something even better: Recipes Using Guinness Stout. From snack and sweets to savory and meats–this list of 15 recipes is amazing.)

You know that smell as the beer bread is baking and the alcohol is burning off, leaving that awesome smell of yeasty beer?





And these 15 Recipes Using Guinness Stout take that nostalgic feeling I had as a kid and replicates it, using my husband’s favorite beer (this week).

Let’s get this party started.

These recipes using Guinness Stout will be so much for for St. Patrick's! #guinness #stpatrick #irish #recipe #recipes

15 Must Try Recipes Using Guinness Stout

Dude. I am in love with this Guinness Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe.

Make your own Guinness Jello Shots? Yes, please!!! Times two.

Nobody loves beer nuts as much as this nut. I’m planning a big batch of Guinness Roasted Beer Nuts.

Homemade Guinness Double Chocolate Ice Cream. I’ll just leave that right there.

You just can’t tell me you don’t want a slice (or three) of this Guinness Chocolate Cake.

Or just a few bitty bits of this amazing sounding Guinness Stout Fudge.

These recipes using Guinness Stout will be so much for for St. Patrick's! #guinness #stpatrick #irish #recipe #recipes

I’ll be honest, this match-up of two of my faves…yeah, the Guinness Baileys Cupcakes sound too good to be true.

Stout Marshmallows sound like the perfect makings for adult s’mores.

Planning on filling my belly with a few Double Chocolate Muffins with Guinness Stout. Heck. Yeah.

Not even sure how I have lived without this Sweet and Salty Guinness Pie in my life before.

Who doesn’t want to try this Salty and Sweet Chocolate Stout Cupcakes Recipe?!

Irish Beer Stew is the best way to celebrate dear ‘ole St. Patty’s day.

Or if you’re in for a lighter meal, let’s do a Salmon with Guinness Reduction.

Last, but not least, let’s get your Guinness Beef Stew on, shall we?

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